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    Married for 21 years I am 40 years old I have 3 boys
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  1. tampabaygirl

    any legal people out there

    :help: I and currently looking to hire an attorney to help me get my health back I have stomach prolaspe and need to have band removed and stomach repaired for from the damage and insurance has denied anything to do with this due to the band being the cause. I don't beleive this is legal it can cause other health problems has any had to fight this with an attorney or any tips I sure could use the help that Lori:help:
  2. Len I have heard of this and I think that maybe the lapband 1 they think is experimental which in some ways maybe true I have had the lapband for 3 years and seeing more and more complications and removals. 2 I think that maintenance is very costly 300 to 600 for a fill and then their can be added cost for problems following the fill I am so over this band and I have lost 115lbs and all of a sudden I have complications it is not easy and some ways torture not all have these problems but soooooo many do. I am currently looking into the gastric sleeve low maintenance no vomiting all have some draw backs just please think of life after the band before u drop your whole life savings into it.. not trying to scare you but want the best for you. Keep in mind that the surgeon is making an investment in your life because u will need him or her for the rest of your life or until the band is removed..this is lot of money heading his way... Lori
  3. tampabaygirl

    Band slippage

    Thanks so much for uer replies I seen my slip under swallow test using barium however I came in concerned about reflux and regurgitation I never expected a slippage devastated is a nice word about how I feel... I am suppose to be on liquids for a week I really don't know what this is going to prove because when I go to eating the pouch will dilate again causing slippage. If anyone knows the theory behind this liquid stage and how it will help me please explain to me the Dr. did a endoscope and I was to dazed to recall what he said but the discharge papers describes me as having gastritis, pouch diliation and slippage .I am just not understanding what this all means help would be so wonderful thanks Lori
  4. tampabaygirl

    Band slippage

    Thanks so much for some hope I will let u know how tomarrow goes Doc is doing a scope and he has deflated it as well but I only had .3cc in anyway so deflating may not make to much of a difference.Lori
  5. tampabaygirl

    Band slippage

    Please if anyone can tell me what happened after they had slippage is there a chance they can repair it and if not is removal the only choice I am just devasted over this I have worked 2.5 years of intense workouts at 5:30 am I have worked so hard every waking day to work this tool and I HATE EXERCISE. I dont want to give this life up I am so deeply depressed I hope I will pull out of this also I refuse to go on another failed diet thats why the band was my choice. please help me! Lori
  6. tampabaygirl

    maxed weight loss

    I was banded in April04 and have lost 110lbs sitting at 138lbs 5'3 and ouch 41 years young I am of a muscular build I haven't lost anymore weight in this past year. I would like to see 10 more lbs off but just can't seem to do this I feel and look great at this weight but would like a little breathing room however my Dr. explained to me that this is my body's plateau and I will most likely come back to this point even if I were to lose weight has anyone else got to this point and do u believe this to be true .I still reward myself with food this is my life and I will not ever get past this so I will try to keep it in check. I spent to much time trying to fight this obsession. Insight or opinions are great TIA Lori
  7. tampabaygirl

    What are you guys eating for protein?

    can anyone tell me how much protein the body can use at one time
  8. hello I was bandedin 04 covered by uhc contracted thru raytheon today the insurance has changed and it has exclusions regarding any weightloss issues or procedures I feel that this is a real injustice to me I have already been banded and may have followup procedures or issues this is who I am now I am not asking for them to cover the weightloss procedure but take care of me if something goes wrong nothing different then heart or diabetics or just any unforseen problems.any help with appeals would be greatly helpful. TIA Lori :help:
  9. tampabaygirl

    Why are YOU Fat?

    This is probally the best post I have read throughout my weightloss journey. so sad, but we all have issues that cause overeating so many different reasons I never have met anyone that wasnt MO that was truly happy they all are suffering some how. Hopefully this post will continue because like myself I don't know why or what caused my weight gain I was never past 110lbs and very popular I thought I had it all but something went wrong and I am still searching for that answer by readin g these post something may trigger something in my life that makes sense thanks so much for this wonderful post let keep it going....Lori
  10. tampabaygirl

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    I would like to be added down 115 lbs banded with the 4cc inamed band April 04 thanks Lori
  11. tampabaygirl

    I paid to be tortured

    Such a great post just the smell of the gym makes me think thats what hell is all about! I do like the fact that Alexandera made a great point, PT should not push u past your THR and increase as u go in your weights great advise. I admit i do go to the gym and hate it but I was banded with the 4cc inamed band April 04 and have gone through many different stages however it is all worth it I have lost 115.lbs and can go to the gym and hold my own. started at 238lbs and i am at 120 to 125 and holding for a good year.Thanks for great post and great replys Lori
  12. tampabaygirl

    non-compliant or bad banding

    Thanks to everyone I will keep you posted and those are great questions to ask the Dr.:kiss
  13. I have been banded for 1 full year and still miserable with the band I want it to work so bad I dont know if I am non-compliant or I have a problem with the band itself I pb or vomit after almost all meals with or without restriction I am at no restriction right now and chew chew chew but things still get stuck. What does it mean when they say there band doesn't have enough restriction can they eat like before the band or can they just more then they would like too! I cant eat either way and have been in the hospital and had study after study and currently doing another study with no restriction to see if there is any slippage I have had so may studies and they keep telling me no slippage.I hope to god that I am not the 1/2 percent that cant tolerate the band. I am trying everyday to work hard at finding a answer any help or opinions would be great!!! thanks a lot for your support Lori lotim@tampabay.rr.com

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