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  1. I have to pay 20% of my surgeon fees and I would like to prepare myself with a roundabout number before I get my bill. I know every surgeon is different so possibly can you also say where you are from and where your surgery was done. I'm just curious and I will have to call Monday to find out. I never asked for some reason and I have no idea why...
  2. Wendydarling19

    Low carb shrimp salad recipe

    Fresh dill the spice and I chop the shrimp into pieces it's so awesome you have got to try it!
  3. Wendydarling19

    Late night food porn channel

    So I'm a night shifter. On my days off, I am still awake at night! The only thing on that I find entertaining to watch is the food network. Sometimes it's super torturous but I still don't want to stray away from diet (I'm low carbing and I know how annoying it is to get back into ketosis). Does anyone else have this issue or indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching food network even though it can sometimes be torture!?
  4. Wendydarling19


    Okay I'm following you as WendyDarling19 on Instagram
  5. Wendydarling19

    Loose skin! Do you have it or no? Is it inevitable?

    Trying not to trouble my thoughts with the unknown is not something I can do very well lol. That's all I ever do with everything hehe. I will try my best. My asking because I'm curious and I seem to see a little bit of rippling in my belly already and I'm not even 1/2 way to goal
  6. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    One of my absolute fav low carb snacks is filling a plate with pepperoni and sticking it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute and getting it all crispy and maybe adding some cheese (dabbing off grease along the way). I just ate some. Yum yum yum
  7. Wendydarling19

    pregnancy after lap band

    Maybe you should move your question to the pregnancy with the lap band forum to receive more replies
  8. Wendydarling19

    Scale issues

    I had a problem with my scale where it would tell me a different weight within a few lbs every time I got on it. I thought it was just cheap! My sister then told me it was because every time I used it I was moving it. I now keep it in one spot and don't have any problems. My drs scale always weighs me at 3 lbs more but that would be the same as if I weighed at home with clothes (which I don't)
  9. Wendydarling19

    Just Curious

    I low carb but I don't actually count them. I don't eat anything that has over 5 net carbs for a meal. I don't eat many meals in a day. I do eat SF snacks like chocolates and ice pops. I just don't eat a lot of food in general anymore so I don't feel that it's necessary to track per say. If I get thrown out of ketosis I'll probably worry about it then
  10. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    I certainly do have times where I go crazy! After a very stressful Microbiology final where I was on the brink of failing the class, I had taken the final and knew I had done very well and passed my class (last class needed to be accepted to the nursing program), I decided to celebrate and go all out with tequila sunrises and fried shrimp with honey mustard dressing! It didn't stop there! The whole week I ate carbs like a mad woman but then I had to get back on track and I also got another fill which helped!
  11. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    That's also why I posted this thread in the low-carb forum
  12. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    Lol I love carbs too but it looks like even with the band I can't be successful unless I cut them out. They are an addiction for me. My surgeon says that the band doesn't work as well on carbs and sugars and I seem to find a lot of truth in that. He said to look at it like a sand timer and the carbs are the sand, it goes through kind of quick, but if you were to fill it with gravel instead (protein) it wouldn't go through as quickly.
  13. Wendydarling19

    Loose skin! Do you have it or no? Is it inevitable?

    Thank you! My problem is that I'm big all over so I'll probably have excess skin all over which really stinks!
  14. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    Low carbing tends to bring down your sodium levels because when your insulin levels go down your body starts shedding excess sodium and water. It's actual crucial for low carbers to replenish sodium and because I don't eat very much food I add salt to taste and occasionally eat processed meats.
  15. Wendydarling19

    Pepperoni crisps

    I don't know I guess it depends on how many you put and what brand. I don't count calories only carbs. I don't imagine I eat very many calories because I don't eat very much at all because of the band
  16. Wendydarling19

    drinking 30 min before & after

    Nope I don't listen to it unless I feel like the drink is making me too full. I don't feel hungry that often so I don't think it's a problem for me at least. I have a hard time getting liquids in on their own so the only time I actually remember to really really drink is when I have a meal
  17. -40 today (the first was taken the morning before my surgery) yes I'm wearing scrubs lol. 65 more to go until goal... What a journey!
  18. Wendydarling19

    Slowly but surely

    Thank you!! I'm not buying anything yet but I am certainly online window shopping lol looking at everything I want to buy it is so weird I totally don't see it but I see it at the same time haha idk
  19. Oh nvm sorry I'm tired
  20. I just realized I replied to the thread that I started lmao
  21. Wendydarling19

    Checking in and sorting it out.

    My green zone is that I don't think about food anymore until I have to either remind myself that "hey it's been quite awhile since you have eaten" or just the fact that I can get satiety with very little food, I eat a small deli turkey roll up with cheese and that's it for about 1/2 the day
  22. Wendydarling19

    Fertility after bypass

    Very sorry to hear that. They really should have as it usually is protocol! I had a pregnancy test pre op for my lap band right in pre op that same day even though I have an IUD and chances are extremely slim for me getting pregnant. Prayers for you mama
  23. Wendydarling19

    2 days until I am banded

    And a heating pad!!
  24. Wendydarling19

    Slowly but surely

    That is a great way to put it! And thank you
  25. Wendydarling19

    Late night food porn channel

    Oh see I am a horrible cook! Well not horrible, I'm just not a fan of cooking, I gained most of my weight from eating outside at restaurants and sandwich places. I like anything that is simple and easy to cook. I am also a low carber so I basically stick to meat, cheese, and the occasional green veg and maybe an SF ice pop. I feel like with the basics, I won't stray away and accidentally eat too many carbs or something like that. Maybe down the road when I'm not low carbing I will try to be more creative.

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