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  1. I had an appointment with my primary Dr. Visit. I weighed 196! I am happy with my weight loss.
  2. Lovely  Lady

    3 month follow-up

    You'll be there very soon !
  3. I had my 3 month follow-up today. I am happy with my weight ! I am 204. I have to keep a better watch with my proteins, and my vitamins. I don't go back for 3 months. I wonder what I'll weigh. Everyone was pleased with my success so far.
  4. Lovely  Lady

    i want to eat some salad.

    I was served a small salad. I ate 6 bites of salad, then I focused on my chicken. I ate 5 bites of that. I didn't get sick and my tummy was full when I left !
  5. Lovely  Lady

    i want to eat some salad.

    I was told by my Nut., I can eat a small salad. I just got to chew it real well. She said my tummy may not it though. I will find out Wed. When I go to a luncheon!
  6. I love salads! I am about 10 weeks out of surgery. If I just take small bites and chew,chew ,chew. Why cant I eat salad?
  7. Lovely  Lady

    boooooobies lol

    I was a size 44dd, but now I am a size 40d. Still trying to figure what size I wear. I did find a cute pair of pants. Size 18. I remember wearing 18s in high school. It feels good to wear them now!
  8. Lovely  Lady

    upset tummy

    I plan to toss the rest of the orange in the trash. I guess I need alittle longer before i try it again.
  9. Lovely  Lady

    upset tummy

    I saw a orange and decided to eat some. I now don't think that was so smart. I had surgery in April. I shouldn't have ate it. Boy, am I paying for it now. My tummy is hurting.
  10. Lovely  Lady

    Crushing of Pills YUK!

    I can't stand the taste of the chewable vitamin. Why ruin the taste of good applesauce? If I had my way I would be taking a gummy vitamin!
  11. Lovely  Lady

    Everything makes me nauseated

    I was told that my sinus could be draining in my stomach. The surgeon said the smokers bring their clothes near by, causing the acid to drain. He suggested taking benadryl at night so I won't have a build up of acid.
  12. It has been very hot, so I decided to go swimming. I can't think of anything else to do that will help my Arthritis.
  13. Lovely  Lady

    Everything makes me nauseated

    I saw the surgeon. He gave me medication for the nausea I been having. I am looking forward for relief. His nurse suggested I get protein powder and sprinkle it on top my food. I lost more weight. Been swimming and walking.
  14. Lovely  Lady

    Everything makes me nauseated

    I know you must be wondering why when I drink water, why I think I might become dehydrated. I don't drink the amount the surgeon wants me to.
  15. Lovely  Lady

    Everything makes me nauseated

    I do drink lots of water. I do walk. I am worried about becoming dehydrated.

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