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  1. starfish n coffee

    February 2014 bandsters?

    Heeeeey Gurl!!! I says wondering how you were? I shouted you out on my Vlog . Congrats on being banded!!
  2. starfish n coffee

    gas, gas and mo GAS!

    That is too funny!!! I had a veggie wrap from Publix that tasted like the Gods made it themselves..... That is until I got the horrendous gas pain in my back and chest.
  3. starfish n coffee

    gas, gas and mo GAS!

    Willhenry you should not be eating after 5 days of surgery. Unless your doc said so. The inability to move bowels is going to be a minute. That's the residual of the anesthesia. Drink Water and give it time. I just started going well and I'm almost 7 weeks post op.
  4. starfish n coffee

    gas, gas and mo GAS!

    Please don't let this scare you, I'm learning how my band works. The gas I feel is in my lower back. It's like I ate something that didn't agree with me, but them it moves up and down and OUT either way. Lol!
  5. starfish n coffee

    gas, gas and mo GAS!

    Thanks Bandista. I have the burps too, which I have to weirdly admit feel awesome! Lol! My husband is like that's real sexy, I'm like hey it comes with the band. :-) I plan on calling my nutritionist on Monday. Maybe it's something I'm eating.
  6. Hey Bandits! I am hoping that someone has an answer for me? I am 6 weeks post op, first fill was last Wednesday. 2cc in my 10cc band.....Everyday at lunch time when I eat, I get gas, not booty trumpet gas but the gas that travels through your tummy and in your back. Later that gas turns into mouth trumpet and booty trumpet gas. I must add that this first onset of gas is very uncomfortable. Is this normal?
  7. starfish n coffee

    I made it :)

  8. starfish n coffee

    "Lap Bands are becoming obsolete"

    Dead on TMF!! I wrote in my introduction that i was not down for WLS at all! My doc mentioned and I was taken aback! One year later and many failed diets only to increase my bmi and gain sleep apnea and pre diabetes and another suggestion from my doc did i decide on the band. For the very reason you just mentioned. Had it not been for the band option i know i would not have had wls. Well said tmf!!
  9. starfish n coffee

    "Lap Bands are becoming obsolete"

    When I was referred to my surgeon but my PCP, I was very pleased to know that my surgeon along with 2 other surgeons are the head of the Bariatric Center at the hospital. My surgeon only does Lap Band, another Bypass only and the the 3rd surgeon the sleeve. When I head my seminar my surgeon was the one who gave it. He spoke on all three procedures. He did state that he specializes and prefers the band because it does not deplete your Vitamins and the ability to absorb new Vitamin intake. I personally opted for band becsusr like most have stated, i wanted NOTHING removed cut or rearranged. My cousin had the bypass and was very successful as well as a former coworker who did so well that i walked right past her at a seminar. So i guess my point is choose the WLS that's for you. Its your body, your life, your decision.
  10. starfish n coffee

    I did it !

    Awesome!!!! Welcome to Banderland!!
  11. starfish n coffee


    I'm am so sorry to hear about your husband. I pray that he is okay. First you underwent surgery then had a very stress inducing life event. Like the ladies said you have swelling, meds, and co2 in your body. I'm 1 month post-op and i still have a teeny bit of swelling. Also i DID NOT touch the scale while i was healing! I waited until my follow ups to get on the scale in the docs office. As a matter of fact i still follow that rule. I am going by how my clothes fit and measurements. For now im leaving the scale business at the doc. Don't worry, it will come off.... I promise you. :-)
  12. starfish n coffee

    WLS Takes Guts

    I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks! I'm going to print that so when i have those moments i will look at this as a reminder. Awesome! Thanks again for sharing that.
  13. starfish n coffee

    February 2014 bandsters?

    Had my first fill today. No pain, no nausea, an overall great experience! On liquids the rest of the day and soft foods tomorrow and back to normal after that. I'm down 30lbs from my highest weight. (need to adjust my ticker). Have an awesome day everyone!
  14. starfish n coffee

    Constant weird taste in my mouth

    It's the residual (Thrush/yeast) of the antibiotic used during surgery. My surgeon sent me home with a Rx for diflucan. Helped solve the issue.
  15. starfish n coffee

    February 2014 bandsters?

    I'm so sorry to hear that about your port. :-( i feel like he owes you an explanation. Have you done any unusual activity?

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