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  1. OleHippieGal

    I screwed up but

    The one your surgeon needs you to take to keep away the acid. Prilosec is a good one 40 mg
  2. OleHippieGal

    December 2012 Post Op Group

    I had surgery 12/31/12 and started beauty school 1/22/13. I didn't worry about my incisions and didn't have any ports. I was really ok doctor said you can return back to work in a week just becareful and take little rest
  3. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    They are really good
  4. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    Tonight whole grain spaghetti homemade sauce, baked meatballs using turkey and lean beef
  5. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    Baked chicken tenders with panko bread crumbs, cayenne pepper, egg white and water as the wash. With wild rice
  6. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    I got them in the lunch meat else at walmart. I bought 15 different packages. 3 different styles $1.00 each great buy!
  7. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    Have yall seen these. You can get at walmart. Ham, cheese, and roasted peanuts. 13 grams of Protein. 4 carbs, 170 calories The one with chicken has 14 grams of protein
  8. OleHippieGal

    What ya eating tonight?

    Fixing a roast tonight using a recipe i found on Pinterest. Packet of hidden valley ranch, packet if italian dressing, and a packet of brown gravy. Mix it all together with cup of water. Put roast in crockpot. Then pour mixture over roast cook 7 hours. Also fixing new potatoes and green beans. Baking in oven.
  9. OleHippieGal


    Yea i had to wait till 6 months out and could only eat 2 handfuls at a time
  10. OleHippieGal


    No popcorn for now or nuts of any kind, i ate small qtys and after i ate them it fell like they were stuck. I had such pain in my left boob area under the rib. We thought i was having a heart attack. Trust me i love popcorn and eat it plain. I dont use the pop secret kind anymore i bought one of those air poppers and a microwave popcorn bowl. Love the real thing. And no chemicals. I eat popcorn every day!!
  11. OleHippieGal

    Dangers of Sugar Free - how much is too much?

    Get off all chemically enhanced products. If you must use a sweetener use pure sugar or honey. It has been proven over and over all the artificial sweeteners hide bad chemicals. All of them. Dont be fooled by the hype. They give other triggers you dont need. Just use real stuff. Organic.
  12. OleHippieGal


    Dont do it!!! I had popcorn 2 months after surgery and it would not digest right. I was able to start eating it regularly 6 months post op.
  13. OleHippieGal


    Missouri people roll call. Are you there? Joplin Mo here. Would love to find a WLS buddy.
  14. OleHippieGal

    I screwed up but

    Never will I again, I got acute gastritis because I ran out of my stomach meds. Hadn't had any in 6 days I was hurting so freaking bad. Thought it was my gall bladder but it was mostly my left side not right. Had to go to the ER because I was hurting so bad. So nauseated vomiting foam mostly. Thought it was a heart attack to. Starting to feel better now. Keep taking your pills!!
  15. OleHippieGal


    Used to hate and wouldn't allow myself to throw up ever. But since my surgery over a year ago I have almost became a pro. When something doesn't settle right in my pouch I lean over the sink get my toothbrush get it wet and just barely stick it on my tongue and up the foam comes. Doesn't hurt and doesn't scare me and wow I feel so much better. Thank goodness it doesn't happen a lot. But if my pouch starts to feel bad I gotta do it. I don't want to be in pain and feel bad.

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