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  1. Sleeveless in seattle


    At that stage I ate puréed soups, yogurt, cottage cheese, sf jello and pudding. My surgeon does not push a lot of protein right away, just try and eat. And heal. I would also drink chicken broth, Unjury has a protein one that I liked.
  2. Sleeveless in seattle

    Diagnosed with Hashimotos. Anyone else have this?

    Kate, you do have to have a prescription. My insurance just wouldn't pay for it. Recently I found out they are now paying so it is a $10/month copayment. Since my original post, costco had gone up to almost $40 per month and that was with my new, lower dose so this was a huge blessing!
  3. Sleeveless in seattle

    Woman question!

    Well they look great in a nice bra but my hubby knows the shocking truth! I actually look pretty flat chested in a tee shirt without a bra on. It's sad but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love my 150+ lb weight loss more than a full chest
  4. Sleeveless in seattle

    Woman question!

    They're still here, just deflated haha! I went from a 46DD to a 38DD.....not necessarily because they are still large but they need that much room for all the extra skin. Sorry if its TMI.
  5. Sleeveless in seattle

    Crossing your legs

    As soon as I realized I could do it again, my legs have been crossed 90% of the time I'm sitting. I love it!
  6. Sleeveless in seattle

    Not losing very much

    I felt the same way!! I thought because I was bigger than most (347) that I would lose faster but I only lost 12 lbs my first month. Talk about disappointed and feeling like I wasted $20,000 on this surgery. I am now 15 months out and have lost 153 lbs. my weight starts with a 1 and I can say it has been worth it all! I've had big loss weeks and no loss weeks but it has all worked out and I'm still losing (very slowly now!) about 2-3 lbs a month but considering where I started I'm thrilled with that!! I went from being "super morbidly obese" to one pound away from "overweight".
  7. Sleeveless in seattle

    Weighing food

    I'm 15 months out and it totally depends on what I'm eating. I can eat a 2 oz turkey burger with 1/2 slice cheese on top (no bun, no side dish) but I could eat a ton of crackers or chips. I still get satisfied with a 5.3 oz Greek yogurt which is good. I still weigh and measure most everything because I can eat a bit more but I don't lose weight if I do. When I was at your stage I never thought I could be able to finish a yogurt ever again haha.
  8. Sleeveless in seattle

    What weight do you count from?

    I don't answer that question because I find it incredibly rude. But I do keep track for myself and share with a few close people for motivation and support. I don't even know what my all time high was because I quit weighing but when I became determined to lose weight I did start weighing every week and I go by my first day of that, which was 347. I use that as my starting weight because that's when I started tracking. For myself, I also keep track of what I've lost since deciding on the surgery, (5 months before surgery), starting the pre-op process (2-1/2 months) and from surgery day. With each step I was able to lose weight faster because I had the motivation of the surgery. I am 15 months out and 153 lbs down from my starting weight (119 since surgery woo hoo). Wish I lost sizes like you!!! I was a 30/32W and now 18/20. I lost 60 lbs before I lost one pant size.
  9. Sleeveless in seattle

    Measuring food to avoid discomfort

    Dry food I generally weigh, wet food I'll usually use a measuring cup. Meat is before cooking, rest is after. I don't just measure to avoid discomfort either, I measure because there are some things that I can really overeat if I don't measure or weigh. For instance, I don't have to be a fanatic about weighing my meat just because I am so used to eyeballing pretty well and I will not overeat meat, it just sits so heavy. However, I can eat several ounces of nuts or cheese so I weigh them out into 1 oz portions to watch my calories.
  10. Sleeveless in seattle

    Help with calories ????

    At one month I was only at about 600-800 and some days that was hard to get. As you heal you will be able to eat a healthier amount. By 3-4 months I could get the 1100-1300 my nutritionist wanted on most days. Focus on getting lots of water and protein for now. Eat often to keep up your energy. Good luck!
  11. Sleeveless in seattle

    Bowel issues 8 weeks out

    Artificial sweeteners in your protein drinks? I went back and forth between extreme constipation and the opposite for a while but it all evened out after a few months when I had a good food routine down.
  12. Sleeveless in seattle

    Drinking between meals after first few months

    I use the sugar free flavored water packets for variety. I drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day (with skim milk and Splenda). Occasionally I will drink a small glass of skim milk if I'm really craving it. Protein drinks, protein iced coffee, etc. iced tea sweetened with Splenda. They just don't want you to drink your calories, basically. Juice is lots of calories for very little, if any, nutritional benefit. Milk is usually for the same reason. Soda, don't even go there. Just be mindful of the calories you drink. I used to drink a tall glass of milk with a cookie or two and even my skim milk had just as many calories as 2 chocolate Chip cookies did. Just giving an example...now I want a cookie. Shucks!
  13. Sleeveless in seattle

    EXTREMELY low metabolism

    If your numbers are correct and you only eat 1000 calories a day and burn 600 of that by exercise then there's not much left for your body to live and function well at this point. You can't expect your organs and hormones to serve you well if you're not nourishing them. But I do agree with others that watching what you eat (I try and measure and track everything still or I mentally fib to myself about what I've really consumed) and working out are a normal part of maintaining weight even for "normal" people.
  14. Sleeveless in seattle

    Need size 12s or Like

    I've found shopping at my local thrift store is cheaper than paying shipping even if the clothes are free. Especially if you find out their sale days. Just an idea.
  15. I felt better if I sipped water everytime I woke up at night.

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