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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Banded November 2009. Not the right tool for me, seriously considering reveison.
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I am a lap band revision patient.  I was banded in Novemeber of 2009 at a BMI of 32.  Obesity runs in my family but my sister allowed her weight to get up toward 300 lbs before she took action so I decided to embrace the future by changing it's course.  Well, the band was not the right tool for me.  It seems I carry my emotions and stress in my stomach and every time I had any little stress my stomach swelled shut around the band.  After two hospitalizations for pneumonia caused by aspriating fluids during my sleep, a band slippage, surgical unbuckling, surgical rebuckling, refills, unfills, more fulid aspiration, dialated esophagus and band removal I was sleeved on Dec. 5, 2013.  The sleeve was my fifth surgery associated with WLS and frankly I went shopping at Kohls 12 hours after having it at a day surgery center while my prespcriptions were being filled.  I think I was so used to the surgical aspect of weight loss surgery that walking around a department store for 30 minutes was a non-stress way of getting some walking in. 

I am 5' 5 1/2" and in November of 2009 when I was banded I weighed 199 lbs.  When I was sleeved 4 years later I weighed 214 after the band was removed 6 weeks earlier.   My goal is 150 lbs.  Because of my muscle structure that will put me into a size 10 and I'm very happy with that.  I work out with a trainer 3 days a week so my "undercarriage" is fairly strudy. At 61 years old I don't want to become too drawn looking in the face.

 Both of my parents died before age 60 due to lifestyle choices and obesity. My oldest sister died at age 60 from heart disease, my "little" brother weights almost 400  lbs and has had a below the knee amputation from adult onset diabetes.   My older sister that had WLS is still going strong in her late 60s and has been extemely successful with gastric bypass surgery done 10 years ago.  I have no doubt that WLS is the key to a longer more active and fulfilling life for me. 

So that is my story!