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  1. chief

    Hey Guys, need some advise

    Its your body! but having all the extra weight is hard on your heart knee,s and back. drop the weight you will be very happy with your self. you can do it!................ and if you deside you have to its never to late to start walking of some kind of carideo work out. light weights. Good luck with the wedding and your weight loss.John
  2. chief

    Wisconsinnite,s Hometown.

    ok all you wisconsin people its time to get your walking shoes on and take a walk and smell the flowers,
  3. chief

    weight watchers?

    I joined wait watchers a few months ago, I think its another tool to help a person lose weight and be more countable.
  4. chief

    Jealousy and weight loss!

    for the last twenty years I was over weight, whey bigger the my older brother! now im alot smaller now he just hates it. I have thirty pounds to my goal weight of 180.in the past i was down to 190 and took a break from any thing to do with weight loss, after two years of living on a low calorie diet and walking I, just needed a break to clear my mind. I had a problem and a fear of weight gain and I let my self gain a few pounds back and i m happy to say that I can gain a few pounds and I, can lose weight as I want.........I have the power to lose and the knowledge to do it. as of today I, will start watching my weight and start counting calories again. I hope every one out there is taking time to lose weight! good luck I, will be talking to you soon as I start to come closer to my goal weight! JOHN
  5. chief

    Jealousy and weight loss!

    What the heck! why are people so quick to Judge other's on weight loss issue? My own brother is Jealous that Ive,worked for over two years of my life to lose weight so save my life! almost staved my self? over exercising, low calorie Diet. Im at the Doctor,s office the other day to get a refill on a medication an the nurse she ask's me are you Sick? you don't look to healthy...... Im thinking what the....................... then the nurse told me the other nurse is going to have gastric bypass surgery to loss weight, she won't be able to do because she eats like a horse. well that lady has lost about 150 pounds now and looks great! hats off too her for trying to save her own life. then you here people say well if you have to have SURGERY to lose weight they must be lazy! hats off to any who is willing to take a step to help them selfs save there life I, Applaud anyone no matter how they lost the weight! my brother is telling people that I, had my Guts ripped wide open to have some special surgery, damn he stupid, at least before find out what kind of surgery's they offer then tell your lie,s.
  6. chief

    Time for me to FIGHT!

    keep on them! way to go. The Insurance company also has an appeal process if it don't go your way try that. good luck chief
  7. chief

    Weightloss Challenge

    just mark your weight for today, we will meausure in on march tenth how doe's that sound. its easy.
  8. chief

    Weightloss Challenge

    hello every one! Ive lost 24 in a few month's eleven in the last three week's just walking! no pop or candy smaller meals, Im not banded but I'd like to do it with you. 288lb thats my record for today. I'm so happy to hear all the encourage word's wisdom from every one good luck keep losing. Chief
  9. Well I, found a few Doctors at the ThedaClark Medical center in Neenah Wi, Dr Wasco/Dr Georgen But it was a six hour drive from my house in Northern Wi, This has been a Quest for me, Endless hour's on the Computer. This site is not only informational butt a great place of comfort! There is a meeting March 14th at Theda clark Medical Center from 4:30/7:30 In Neenah Wi, if any body is interrested here is the Phone # 920-720 -7211 I' also have been searching rural Clinic's in Wi,& Mn, I, just wanted to say hurray I' found a Clinic in Deer River Mn. They do Adjustable lap band Surgery Waiting for my appointment time.................. I' have a complete list of rural clinic numbers if any body want's them. Well take care God bless! if you need the info Chiefjohnjohn@yahoo.com
  10. chief

    Feeling Really Bummed

    hey dont feel to bad I tore my rotater cuff had surgery! left arm. The n chasing my son fell broke my right elbow, ripped all the skin of knee! hang in there Im lossing weight just waiting to find a doctor , get to a meeting to get started. chief
  11. chief

    This is a hard and sad day for me

    Im sorry to here that your having a rough day! it will get better If you have faith in God he can heal all, fullfill your needs, God bless you! Cheif.
  12. chief

    Dr. Engstrand - Wisconsin

    Thank you for the info! and if I, missed any bodys post im sorry.
  13. Im looking for a Doctor that does Adjustable lab band surgery in WI, Mn. somebody please help me Im desperate, please email me chiefjohnjohn@yahoo.com this has been endless search! John
  14. chief

    Dr. Engstrand - Wisconsin

    Does any body know where Dr Engstand is from and his phone number? please email as I, have hard time on finding things on the computer thanks. also is there any one who no,s any body that does adjustable lap bad surgery iw Wi, Mn thanks again john chiefjohnjohn@yahoo.com
  15. chief

    Minnesota Folks

    hello, dawn from mn, Ive been looking in the Duluth mn, area and nobody does it there! Im glad to here that it is working for you. Im looking for the day I, Can do it good luck on your new life! Chief,from wi,

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