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  1. On surgery day 9/16 I weighed 264 and today 3 weeks later I weigh 257 which means I have only lost a total od 7lbs post op in 3 weeks. I consider 7 for 3 weeks to be slow. I figured that I might be at a stall because I have been at 257 for 2 weeks and I am worried what I am eatting might be too much. May be I am doing something wrong... How do you guys keep the momentum going? Is this normal? Will it ever come off?
  2. how did you do it what do you eat
  3. I drink coffee (not decaf), liquor and i drink after eating all the time... I know this is wrong so i am wondering do any of you know tha side effects of doing all these no nossssss? i feel like I can eat way too much too...
  4. I am 1 month post-op and have only lost 10lbs need some encouraging stories from local vsg bros and sisters. Please share with me your weightloss and surgery date!!!!
  5. sleeved 9/16 and SW263 CW254 only 10 lbs down I am a slow loser! but i hope for success like all of yours - congrats
  6. Thank you so much for posting this, I am losing slow only 10 lbs my first month post op so you give me hope that I will too reach my goal one day...And yes I crave the foods I used to be able to eat and wonder if I made the right choice- you pictures help! You look great congrats on your weight loss!
  7. I too am three weeks out and have only lost 10 lbs i think its just slower for some more than others
  8. Anna Dotel

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Now that you all are 1 year out HOW MUCH Have you lost?
  9. QUICK ALL SEPTEMBER 16th Sleevers how much have you lost as of today?!?!?!?
  10. Anna Dotel

    Nervous about slow weight loss

    My weigh loss is super slow I only lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks I was sleeved at 9/16 and weighed 264 on surgery date and weigh 257 today so you are doing much better than me keep it up...
  11. Hi Sleevers, I am two weeks and 1 day post op today and am having trouble figuring out what pureed foods to eat. I tried oatmeal (didnt end well) and even having trouble with Soups. I would love to hear from people who are far out in their post op to see what they get to eat. I hope the future is brighter than this...
  12. Anna Dotel

    What To Eat?! Please Help!

    I am doing boston clam chowder and what ever the soup of the day is at work (we get free lunch). I might need to bring my own soup in....
  13. struggleing with purees not sure what the heck to eat

  14. Anna Dotel

    Almost 3 months post op

    Congrats on the amazing weight loss! what do you find yourself eatting? I had surgery 9/16 and am struggling with these liquids...
  15. 1 week out of surgery getting used to the liquids a little

  16. Anna Dotel

    Where are all my NYC people

    I had the sleeve with Parikh on 9/16/13 anyone 2 years post op on here want to share their weight loss
  17. Thank you for sharing i was feeling regret because its such a drastic change and I worry about adjusting you have reassured me! Thank you again.
  18. Anna Dotel

    A year out! Pic included :)

    congrats on all the success I am 1 week out and struggling with this liquid diet but i guess it will be worth it in the end
  19. Surgery in half an hour!!! Emotions running high!!!!

  20. Surgery in half an hour!!! Emotions running high!!!!