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    Scylla reacted to foodfighter78 in Is my life ruined for ever due to my weight loss surgery?   
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I never understood what's my issue. I come from a very lovely family, I have a great husband and kids. I have no real major issues. But you are right I need to do some soul searching. I'm going to start therapist visits maybe I can finally come out of this fog. Thank you so much again!
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    Scylla reacted to LipstickLady in "You'd be much prettier if you lost weight"   
    "Wow! It's hard to imagine that you don't know how rude you are."
    "I'd hate to think you thought that was a compliment."
    "You really didn't think that comment through before you said it out loud, did you?"
    Follow any of those up with a patronizing "bless your heart" smile snd walk away. Or tell her to suck your ass, your choice.
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    Scylla reacted to Miss Mac in "You'd be much prettier if you lost weight"   
    Response: "And people would think you're a lot smarter if you would keep your opinions to yourself" Be on the alert for back-handed compliments like that. Bariatric surgery will expose the dynamics of your relationships as people are threatened or rejoicing over your progress. That is not a bad thing. It is good to know who is really in your corner.
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    Scylla got a reaction from Catherine Gray in I didnt want to lie...   
    I'm going through the same thing. I was sleeved almost 6 weeks ago. Most people in my office think I just had gall bladder surgery (which I did). My boss and two co-workers whom I trust know that I also had the sleeve. People are starting to notice that I've lost a bunch of weight, so I'm just telling them I am exercising more, avoiding carbs and generally trying to eat less. You don't owe anyone an explanation. What you've been telling them is just fine!
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    Scylla got a reaction from Chele H in Any suggestions for calcium supplements?   
    I take Bariatric Advantage calcium citrate Chewy Bites - 500 mg. They are pricey (about $30 a month), but they are very tasty and almost like a treat.
    I noticed a bunch of people are taking Calcium carbonate rather than calcium citrate. For what it's worth my NUT told me that calcium carbonate is not as biologically available to bariatric patients, which is why they advise us to take calcium CITRATE. Tums and the Kirkland SF calcium chews are calcium carbonate. I made that mistake at first and my NUT instructed me to give the Caltrate I bought to a friend and invest in a calcium citrate supplement. She recommended the Bariatric Advantage chewy bites.
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    Scylla got a reaction from HumanMerelyBeing in True confessions of a 9 month out Sleever   
    Excellent food for thought! I think I, too, have become a little too comfortable and complacent. Here's hoping your "challenge" will give me the kick in the butt to see bigger losses again.
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    Scylla reacted to livvsmum in Today I ate ..........   
    I'm actually in the process of writing a blog post right now showing a day in the life of my "diet" 1 year post op. I have it updated with pics through afternoon snack with nutrition facts included (amt of Protein, carbs, etc.). Just need to add dinner tonight. lol. Link is in my signature if you want to take a peek.
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    Scylla reacted to lylabelle in Has anybody ever experienced this?   
    Do you still have your gallbladder? Sounds like a stone stuck
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    Scylla reacted to able2cope in Failing already!   
    You haven't and aren't failing - this is just a small blip. You will and can succeed and get past this. Tomorrow is a new day remember...
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    Scylla got a reaction from HumanMerelyBeing in True confessions of a 9 month out Sleever   
    Excellent food for thought! I think I, too, have become a little too comfortable and complacent. Here's hoping your "challenge" will give me the kick in the butt to see bigger losses again.
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    Scylla reacted to Chele H in Any suggestions for calcium supplements?   
    Remember you need calcium citrate not Calcium carbonate. Tums, rolaids and other chewable antacids are not calcium citrate. Most of the calcium chews and gummies found in Walmart, CVS, etc. are calcium carbonate.
    I used to take the Bariatric Advantage caramel and Calcet Creamy chocolate bites but they are pricey and I developed an aversion to them...the taste started to make me sick and give me reflux. I just choke down the tablets now.
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    Scylla reacted to BeagleLover in Any suggestions for calcium supplements?   
    Bariatric Advantage calcium citrate 500mg caramel flavored... they are very tasty
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    Scylla reacted to CowgirlJane in True confessions of a 9 month out Sleever   
    I am going to challenge you.. not to in any way invalidate your feelings or experiences, but rather to give you "food for thought".. so please take it in the way intended.
    Can you really eat as much as you used to? Are you really as hungry as you used to be? Do you think that you can continue to lose weight (and more importantly maintain your losses!)? Could you have accomplished any of this without the sleeve?
    I have lost over 160#. I started at 308... and my dream, my measure of success was to get under 200# and actually maintain it. At 5'5"; still obese. I got to about 190 and sure enough... my weight loss slowed to a crawl. At about 8-9 months post op, I was losing around 2# a MONTH!
    I met with my nutritionalist and she pointed out the single worst thing I was doing food wise that created my problem.. i was eating Protein bars like candy. crap. One more thing got banned from the house. Essentially, Protein Bars had become my new junk food and they are really high carb!
    I also faced my own inner feelings. I had lost about 120-125# and people gave me so many compliments, I felt so good, I could physically do things so much easier... but I still had a nice comfy protective layer of fat. I frankly looked matronly, in spite of my friends saying how good I looked, i looked like a typical overweight middle age woman. hmmm. Did I really really want to lose more? Was this good enough? Was I fearful of trying to get all the way to a normal /slim weight?
    I had to face my own inner decision - much like the original decision to get WLS. What do i want to make of this? How can I leverage this tool to the fullest?
    I got hardcore again. I went back to basics and pushed pushed pushed, Water, Vitamins, ate low carb again, worked out... etc. Frankly, that first about 14 months post op (except for the little Detour I just talked about) I didn't do alot of fun stuff like vacations, dinner parties and cocktail hours. I focused on losing weight.
    Guess what, when I refoced, reduced carbs, my hunger decreased and my weight loss accelerated back to the 9-12# a month until I got to my ultimate goal in Feb 2013.
    I am now maintaining under my goal weight and it is still work. (it is easier than staying under 300# was for me preop, but it is still work). It is my lot in life. Guess what, it is the struggle most women over 40 engage in to stay trim. It sucks. My best friend packed on about 35# over the last year or two and she is hungry all the time.. just to lose a pound a week she has to really work it.
    Anyway, in truth, i would have been okay if I had maintained at 190.. beats the crap out of 300+ and gaining.. but I am very glad that I took the plunge and continued on as I love my body and health at a normal BMI, but the reality of the WLS situation is that it is not a guaranteed easy ride to skinny-ville.
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    Scylla got a reaction from INT125922 in Goal Weight Achieved - 230 pounds shed   
    Wow!!! Congratulations!
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    Scylla reacted to kimpossible67 in 4 1/2 months out   
    Had my surgery April 7 th at a Barix Clinic. Could not have gone any better. I had more nauseous than pain. I had a hard time getting in much of anything at first and it became frustrating and overwhelming. I couldn't fathom putting that much Fluid down there. Of course I come here and get the comforting "it's normal." Thank God for this group! I stuck with the puréed phase but got mighty tired of cheese sticks and boiled eggs at soft foods stage.
    I've had no trouble introducing foods back, none have revisited. I avoid sugar at all costs. I even bought sugar free cough Syrup and drops! I'm a low carber. I loosely follow Atkins. I don't pay any mind to fat as long as the Protein count is high. I eat fruit and nuts. I make a mean black bean chili with jalapeños, no problem. I even put pepper jack cheese on it! I DID have a month of extreme nausea but it finally went away. So I'm here to say, hang in there...things improve. At 4 + months it's finally all clicking together..I've got this. Can't say it wasn't a frustrating time though but you do learn and adjust!
    72 lbs gone. Got into a xl shirt...yay!!! Take care and oh, I've swallowed my meds whole since about 2 weeks and I use a straw as well.
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    Scylla reacted to ItsMe2033 in Work out advice appreciated   
    Just go stand near any of the Nautilus machines and wait until someone starts to use it. After they finish using it, ask them if they can show you how to use it. Most people at most gyms are glad to help out someone just starting. I've helped out many beginners over the years.
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    Scylla got a reaction from reading mom in Stall and Adipex   
    I had a similar issue with my weight stalling despite increased exercise efforts. It was very frustrating!
    I met with my dietician at my 3 month checkup, and it turned out my Protein requirement was higher and when I increased my daily Protein from 50-70 to 80-100 the scale started moving again.
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    Scylla reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Stall and Adipex   
    I'm not going to mince words.
    Someone should cold cock your surgeon for giving you phentermine after giving you a VSG.
    Regardless of how much you're eating, what kinds of foods you're eating, and how much you're exercising -- all that appetite suppressants do is to temporarily check your appetite. The longer you take them, the less well they work. You can't take them very long (they are tough on your heart), and the minute you stop taking them your appetite roars back bigger than ever.
    You say you have never taken "pills" before? Well, get ready to experience why those of us who have taken "pills" won't ever take them again. They will make you fatter than you've ever been.
    If, as you say, you "really increased your exercise this summer" than you have built and added muscle to your body. That alone could explain no weight loss since May.
    And since changing up your exercise program, you probably need more / different nutrients and foods than you did pre-exercising. Yours is a nutritional challenge. Find a competent nutritionist.
    And fire that idiot who operated on you. I cannot believe what he is doing to you.
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    Scylla reacted to Kindle in Premier Protein Shakes-only 1/3 protein absorbed?   
    There are a couple threads on here that talk about how different Proteins are absorbed at different rates. whey isolate is absorbed the fastest, where casein and egg Protein and milk concentrates are absorbed at a slower rate. They are still utilized, just not as rapidly. I read in several articles how body builders prefer to drink a slower absorbable Protein at bedtime so their body gets a "slow burn" of amino acids throughout the night.
    The research gets very confusing and contradictory, so I prefer to get my protein from as many sources as possible....eggs, dairy, meat, soy, etc. I also use a variety of different Protein drinks...Syntrax nectar, Syntrax matrix, Premier, muscle milk, unjury, and Garden of a Life (which uses sprouted seeds as it's protein source). That way it doesn't matter who's right, I'm covering all the bases.
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    Scylla reacted to soocalchic in I am worried I am losing too fast   
    you will stall out in a weeks time and then you'll complain that you're sleeve isn't working enjoy those big losses.
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    Scylla reacted to McButterpants in Ugh! Me at the beach   
    I'll tell you what I see in this picture - a man that is spending time with his young child. It's beautiful. Cherish your time you have with your family.
    Now, close your eyes...Imagine you being able to run down the beach with your son. You can pick him up. You can play ball with him. All without getting tired or saying, "Dad has to rest a minute!" That will be you 6 months to a year after surgery.
    I ran with my son last night - I can run just shy of a mile without stopping. I don't run fast and I may look funny, but hearing my son say he's proud of me for accomplishing that...PRICELESS!
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    Scylla reacted to RJ'S/beginning in Ugh! Me at the beach   
    I have to tell you.. I love a dad who spends time making sand castles with his child...Whether you carry your weight well or not. Your health is the issue here and I think you have had enough of it..
    Good for you for taking the plunge to improve yourself and the benefits it will bring to you and your family...That little one will benefit by your energy boost!
    I applaud your spit to be so open on here.....
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    Scylla reacted to McButterpants in Who eats McDonalds post op?   
    I had a McDonalds experience just this weekend...we were at a baseball tournament in a small town on a Sunday afternoon. It was truly a one stoplight town and everything except for McDonalds was closed. I had a Protein bar with me, but I knew with a 2.5 hour trip home, I might need it for later. My husband and son had to eat, so we stopped at McDonalds.
    I ordered a chicken wrap with grilled chicken. I opened up the wrap and ate the chicken (there was probably 2-3 ounces), one slice of bacon, the Tomato and cucumber. I had a bite of the wrap. I was satisfied. I didn't eat a fry, have a shake, or McCafe calorie-laden drink. This is a similar meal that I would have at a restaurant.
    I had the choice - I could have ordered a burger and fries, but I chose not to. I chose not to have a shake or a McFlurry - I was tempted, but I CHOSE not to. The sleeve does not make the choices for you - the sleeve will stop you from eating copious amounts of food.
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    Scylla reacted to bikrchk in FOOD FOUL-UPS!   
    LOL, yes! I call my sleeve "Shock Collar"! Good news is eventually the dog learns to live within the boundaries. So have I.
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    Scylla reacted to HatheryOnHerWay in The Fat Whoosh Theory   
    I had been researching why you can stall and then suddenly lose a bunch of weight in a matter of a day, and I encountered a lot of talk of the "Whoosh Effect." Here is an interesting article about it:
    It makes sense! What do you think?

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