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  1. Miss Mac

    Report on surgery!

    Go ahead and take your pain meds if you need them. When my brother had some spinal reconstruction a few years back, I went to see him at the hospital. He just looked like a painful mess and had a morphine drip. I asked him how he was coping with the pain, and said he called his pain relief "better living through chemistry!"
  2. I am already taking Omeprazole for reflux, so will probably continue it after my sleeve in November. So far, I have seen the bariatric physician twice and the nutritionist once. My surgeon's appointment is coming up September 13th. The bariatric physician thinks the sleeve is the best option for me since it will remove that area of the stomach that generates my never-ending hunger pangs even after I have just eaten. She also said I will lose more weight with the sleeve. This is at Loyola University Medical System, so I will take her word for it. She said I was the perfect candidate for a sleeve since I had 100 pounds to lose and not like 250 or so. Also, everyone I have met so far with the bariatric team has been very professional and nice like they might even be nice people after work. So here is my take on it.........from reading what others have to say on this forum, I would say that bariatric surgery is such an individual decision. If reflux means I lose that 100 pounds, then I'll take it. There are many ways to treat reflux.
  3. Miss Mac

    Three months out

    That's encouraging! I am three weeks into a 12 week pre-op 1100 calorie diet and have lost ten pounds. I don't know where. My 53" waist is now 55". The pounds must have come off my ears and my toenails! Getting off of most of my 9 meds will be a big milestone for me as it was for you. I know they slow me down mentally and physically. Thanks for the good news. I needed to hear it.
  4. Miss Mac

    Looking for a Windy City Sleeve Buddy

    Hey there! I am from Alsip on the South Side, but have not had my sleeve yet. I am three weeks into a 12 week preparation program. Coming up is the Psychologist appointment - never been to one. How was it? My surgery will be at Loyola's Gottlieb Hospital. I guess Advocate in Oak Lawn does not do it, or my primary would have sent me there. I am retired from Federal Service at the Jesse Brown Veteran's Hospital.
  5. Just Basic, but it has served me well for many maladies. I was in the hospital with a stroke for 6 days in 2010, and again only out of pocket for a pittance of the cost. FYI, I had excellent treatment and recovery, and my daughter is an occupational therapist. So, I recovered well except for balance and perception issues. I can see, but things are not where I think they are. It took me off the road and makes for an interesting day around the house!
  6. Miss Mac

    Let's Talk Coconut Water

    Since I am not eating bananas and potatoes like I was before this pre-op diet, I need a tasty way to get potassium. Coconut water could help satisfy the taste for other fruits I am not getting now. Nutritionist told me two servings of fruit a day when I was eating way more than that. I tried a coconut water with pineapple this morning, and it was pretty good...pretty....good. So, maybe that and sugar free Jello will help.
  7. In February I had a four level disc repair in my neck. Several people on a forum for that procedure suggested a remote lift recliner to sleep in for a while. It was the best $500 I ever spent for a piece of furniture. There was room right next to the regular bed, and it is still there. You betcha I will be using it again after the sleeve. It's not bad for sleeping in, and the chair does all the work for reclining and getting back up. LOVE IT.
  8. Miss Mac

    3 months post op with pics

    Here is a quote that has gotten me through many tough situations by encouraging to just get started with something and keep going......."Whatever you can do, or dream you can do - begin it! For boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." Wolfgang Von Goethe"
  9. My experience with United Health Care in the past is that they stink. As a retired federal employee now, I still have the Federal Plan with BCBS. For an $80,000 knee replacement, I paid just a few hundred dollars out of pocket. For my sleeve, I am in a 12 week program with all the usual visits with the nutritionist, doctor, psychologist, etc. I am not suggesting you change at this point, but maybe after this is over, go ahead and change for the future. Just sayin'.
  10. The last straw was a second knee replacement last November. My legs do not want to hold my weight. I have 14 ruptured discs in my back - just had four in my neck repaired in February 2013. Sciatica has become a big problem. It is getting more difficult to maintain proper hygiene because of places I cannot reach. Thank goodness for a shower hose, but I refuse to ask someone else to trim my old lady toenails. My weight causes so many other related health issues that I would not have otherwise. My weight keeps increasing in spite of my best efforts, and now I am carrying a whole 'nother person as a belt. I cannot enjoy shopping in a big box store. It's got to go.
  11. Miss Mac

    My surgery story

    It is so encouraging to hear of a great result like yours. I too left an abuser after ten years of being isolated from my family ten miles from the nearest town, down a 1/4 mile gravel road out between the corn and the beans. I come from a family of 400 pounders but was always the skinny one until I had kids. Then it was divorce then another divorce then menopause, two knee replacements and a stroke. Any excuse will do, I guess, but the point is, in my old age I am catching up with the family tree. Already at 235 pounds, my legs do not want to hold me up, and I don't want another stroke. With a 53 inch waist, I am almost as round as I am tall. I am in the midst of the nutrition appointments and will probably have my surgery in November. Thanks for the encouragement. I know there can be setbacks, but your experience shows that it can go well.
  12. My insurance requires a 12 week preparation program for my VGS. I am in week three and so glad it was required. The nutritionist had me sign in with myfitnesspal.com to log my food journey, and it has been helpful. By the time my surgery comes in November, I will be in the habit of eating smaller bites, chewing relentlessly, eating more protein and eating it first, not chugging lots of beverage with my meals, etc Out of necessity, I have given up my beloved bananas and chocolate candies, and traded them in for sugar free Jello and Aldi's sugar free creamy popsicles (14 calories). I have been on one diet or the other since 1978 and keep gaining weight. Now my eye is on the prize. If I do not get rid of this 100 pound belt of fat, I will be in a wheel chair within a year. I know recovery will be challenging, but I am so ready to do something effective.
  13. I am in 3 weeks since the start of my program and have lost just short of nine pounds. One of the reasons I am going for the surgery is that I probably lost ten pounds five times in the last year.
  14. Miss Mac

    shoulder pain

    Just to be sure, check with your doctor. I learned my lesson last year concerning "Google-itis" and second guessing. I was doing some weight training as an exercise attempt and thought I re-injured a surgical rotator cuff repair. My primary doc does not diagnose over the phone, so I had to go in to see him. The shoulder hurt with burning pain, yet I could move it around somewhat. He took one visual look at it and told me why Ben-Gay just made it worse. I was getting shingles!!! I never would have thought of that in a million years. So, for you, it's at least worth a call. Don't worry so much. It could be something simple and coincidental like gamergirl suggested. Good luck.