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  1. colorado_bound

    A plateau at 3 weeks out? What gives?

    ME too! I hate this! I am stalled at 180. I lost 26lbs but haven't moved for almost three weeks. I am eating every couple of hours. Getting my protein, fluids and exercise and it's not budging! I am getting frustrated too! Everyone says it will come off, but then I heard that the most weight is lost in the first 6 months of surgery. My surgery was July 22. Help! I'm getting depressed!
  2. colorado_bound

    Married but looking?

    I agree. Just as you are focusing on yourself, be careful with the promises you made. You have to deal with the issues in your marriage BEFORE you seek companionship outside of it. Not fair to him, no matter what you are feeling. Take some serious time before attracting someone else. Hopefully you will respect yourself more if you handle the problem at home first.
  3. colorado_bound

    need an example menu

    I'm not sure what my calorie intake is, but I do eat every couple hours. Morning, I ease my stomach into fluids and take my medicine (thyroid). then a protein bar, then yogurt, eggs or toast with peanut butter. I always eat only things that have nutritional value. Then in the afternoon I eat a few vegetables, soup (which is not that nutritous but easy to take). Then I eat fruit in the evening as a treat. Hope this helps!
  4. colorado_bound

    Stomach grumbles

    Yes, the grumbling is your stomach adjusting. I had it for 4 weeks. Even now it does grumble when I eat. My trick is to always have something in your stomach. Try to only go a couple of hours between meals. It gets better!
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    someone help me..im craving oreo cookies!

    Oh I hear you! I have found sucking on a hard candy does the trick for me! However, I don't get my period anymore. Stay focused and positive! You will be able to eat a cookie later on, much later on. But by then you may not want to, because you see the pounds shedding off you!
  7. colorado_bound

    does it never just not work?

    Goodness, NO! It sounds like you didn't make dietary changes prior to the surgery. You have to give up sugar. Why go through all of this for nothing? I would recommend that you talk with your Dr. Did you have a team of people helping you? It doesn't sound like the plan is working, especially if you make poor diet choices. I had my surgery on July 22 and I wasn't that big (204) I've lost 24lbs, but watching my diet.
  8. So Thankful to this site for turning me to Quest Protein Bars! Bought some today and love it!!

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    Another queation for PostOps

    I slept fine on my back, but I had alot of pillows around me. I was not as big as most people who get the surgery, so I did feel it if I tried to sleep on my side. Definitely didn't sleep on my stomach, but really didn't before the surgery either. I did notice that when I went for a massage, three weeks after surgery, it was uncomfortable to lay on my stomach. Hope this helps! :wub: