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  1. Can't stop number crunching. My short term goal is to hit the nice and pretty 100lbs lost mark at my 6 month followup, which is scheduled at exactly 6 months. June 10th. So if I'm 176 now, and I need to get to 168 by June 10th, that means I need to average -.6lbs/day. I do this math daily. Ah!!

    You're doing a great job Ava324!!!

  2. It doesn't matter to me and I really don't feel any kind of way when members post their stories/feelings about their journey.

    It is not the stories or the facts that get to me.

    It is the way it comes out. It makes me feel like because I started that much bigger that I should take the walk of real shame if I was that much bigger then someone else who started at a lower weight.....It is just getting to me...maybe it's because I just got out of hospital again and another complication has slowed me down in my true journey..I don't know..

    I feel that everyone has the right to tell their story and say how they feel but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I read these comments. It makes me feel like I am so different from others..And I am not...Others managed to get their WLS earlier before the true big issues began.. They are so lucky and yet they still beat themselves up over the past as if now still had made no difference....

    I waited 4 years on a list and got sicker and sicker, waiting and waiting and my weight sky rocketed....I'm here and glad I did it and yet I feel like like if it makes no difference to those who started so much less..They are beating themselves up over the past..Where does that leave the ones that started at a much higher weight.....That's what gets me today!

    I tried not to write it but I just feel so bad for us that we can't get past the damn numbers and Celebrate our amazing accomplishments and be dam proud of all of it and the fact that all of us have a second chance at life..All of us equally!

    That's all I think...

    Totally got that from your initial post. :) I personally just won't deal with any negativity like @Nicey2u.

    Life is too short and you ARE a rockstar @RJ'S/begininng!

  3. So everyone knows about adding this to Soups and smoothies and yogurt, etc. But I'm 4 months out and always looking for ways to up my Protein with "regular" food. I am NOT a cook, so I apologize for the lack of measurements. I usually just wing it.

    I made a previous post about the Protein pancakes I made by adding unjury and an extra egg to Bob's Red Mill pancake mix. I made a bunch of pancakes that I froze and now have 30 second microwave protein pancakes whenever I want.

    My second experiment was simply adding 2 scoops (42g) of Unjury to the mushroom Soup part of traditional green bean casserole...you know, the green Beans, French fried onion, mushroom soup casserole. I was craving that on Easter Sunday (it's a tradition) I gave 1/2 to a friend and spent the last week eating a little bit every day.

    Third "recipe" is crab cakes. Mixed together canned crab meat, mayo, mustard, Old Bay spice, pepper, fresh bread crumbs (from the heal of a loaf of 9grain bread my roommate had) and 1 scoop of Unjury powder. Let it sit and chill in the fridge for an hour then cooked a small patty in a bit of oil and damn! IT WAS GOOD! I just keep the mixture in the fridge and make a patty whenever I want.

    And then there's the crust less quiche... 4 eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, cheese, ham, 2 scoops Unjury powder, and a little milk. Poured it all in a shallow pan and baked at 400 degrees untill done. Cut it into small portions and froze them. Again, I've got yummy "quiche cubes" to heat and eat for breakfast when I'm in a hurry.

    I welcome any other ideas!

    Thanks for the crab cake recipe, I'll be trying that sometime this week!!! :)