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  1. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh and I'm wearing a CK 14W dress today. EXCITED!!!
  2. My surgeon didn't require this step but I did it anyway. Don't know how much weight I lost though, sorry.
  3. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I wanted to add more angry emoticons to my message but this site won't allow that. There's a cap on how many emoticons you can have in a message??? Why on earth is that???
  4. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Thought I was drinking Vitamin Water Zero and just realized it's the regular one. 120 calories, 33 grams of carbs and 32 grams of sugar.
  5. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Baggy panties...time for a little more shopping!
  6. Blondiee

    9 months post op with pics

    You better WERK!!! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Way to go Kathleen!! Isn't it nice to be going down in sizes so quickly?
  8. Blondiee

    100 LBS down 8 1/2 mths po!

    Congratulations on your weight loss and for going back to school!
  9. @Kel2014 - Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Prior to surgery I used to REALLY like scrambled eggs. I had 1/2 a scrambled egg during the soft food phase and haven't had one since. So yes, my taste buds have changed but YMMV.
  10. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Bye bye 220's
  11. Way to go everyone! My surgery was on 12-5-13 and I'm down 63 pounds. I'm still having a shake everyday for Breakfast but, I actually like my current flavor (Cookies and cream) and look forward to it. Plus I like starting the day off with 35 grams of Protein. My closet has thinned out drastically. The bright side to that is that I've always LOVED to shop so, now I actually have a reason to.
  12. Blondiee

    My new toy!

    You'll have no problems looking cool and cute in your new ride.
  13. Blondiee

    1 year today.....

    You look great! Congratulatons on your weight loss!
  14. Blondiee

    My new toy!

    Congratulations that is a nice ride!! Now tell me what's under the hood!!
  15. @@Seela I think a fit and flare dress would look really good on you. That style is like the black and white dress (#2) the Atelux17 is wearing.
  16. Blondiee

    Help please. 5 days post op

    Maybe slow down and take smaller bites/sips? It could be the temperature that your stomach is objecting to or, maybe it's just not ready for full liquids. What are you eating at this stage? You might need to go back to the previous stage and give your stomach some extra time to heal.
  17. Blondiee

    Hospital Question

    If I remember correctly you're going through Kaiser right? If so, don't worry they have free movies and prime time shows on demand in the hospital. I was happy about that!
  18. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward WLS! As far a a timeline and/or checklist goes, it varies greatly. Who is your insurance provider? Maybe someone that has the same can chime in and offer some insight.
  19. Blondiee

    Excessive hair anyone?

    I had excessive chin and "side burn" hair but I don't have PCOS. Laser hair removal with the Laser Genesis was the BEST money I ever spent. It's like a 2 for 1 deal with this laser. Resurfaces the skin and removes hair. Check Groupon for good deals in your area.
  20. Or you can Google "wear to work dresses" or "day dresses" to see what they should look like.
  21. What is your body shape? That plays a huge role in what types of dresses will look good on you. You know the saying...everything is not for everybody.
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  23. Blondiee

    1yr post op very happy

    You look wonderful!!! What are your stats?