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  1. I'm somewhat worried about it being 5'2 and 285lbs but, I'd rather be healthy with some loose skin. I've also started saving some extra cash because I know I'll eventually get a breast lift + implants.
  2. Wait...what?!? Crystal Light has caffeine in it??? I'll have to look at my box when I get home because I too thought I had been caffeine free for the last month.
  3. Blondiee

    Diabetic no more!

    Good for you!
  4. You look wonderful and give this 40 year old pre-op hope! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Blondiee

    7 months out down 120 pounds

    Way to go! The pictures that you all share are so motivational.
  6. Blondiee

    95lbs gone!

    Nice and keep up the good work! Now send me that peach shirt in your before picture! My address is...
  7. I will SO NOT miss this and having to wear a girdle everyday to prevent the bumps! Plus most of what has been posted already. The chub rub between my thighs.. Those friction bumps are horrendous.
  8. Blondiee

    At Pre Op

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  9. Blondiee

    One week post op!

    That is AWESOME!!!! Keep up the good work!
  10. Hi Heatsongal, I began my journey with Kaiser (West L.A.) earlier this summer. Did my orientation in June and started my Options classes in July. My group is doing 12 weeks but two more classes and I'm done! I've had one pre-op appointment but I won't meet the surgeon until after the class is complete. Good luck to you in your journey and I'm soooo jealous that you only have to do six weeks! IMO they can easily condense the information into that time frame. We'll be on the losers bench before you know it!
  11. Blondiee

    PASSED! Psyc Evaluation

  12. *First post since joining* You look fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!!