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  1. You look FANTASTIC and thanks for sharing! Side note: The egg drop Soup recipe on your blog really helped me during my liquid stage. Thanks!!!
  2. Blondiee

    4 months.. How much can you eat?

    I'm almost 5 months out and eating just about 4 ounces at a meal. Sounds about right to me but, if you're concerned talk with your nutritionist. I'm doing high protein/moderate fat/low carb. So really after I eat my Protein there's not room for anything else.
  3. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Went to Ross on my lunch break! Bought 4 cut dresses for work...SCORE!!!!
  4. As previously stated...find a new PCP.
  5. Blondiee


    It is a tough decision to make. My doctor knew I was unsure and scheduled me for a RNY possible VSG. In my mind I knew I wanted the VSG because of the possible complications later down the line with RNY. The other part of me wanted the QUICK weight loss with RNY. My deciding factor was that I have a toddler and I didn't want to possibly deal with malabsorption and anemia issues later.
  6. I had a smooth recovery and didn't have anyone there to help. The house did get a little messy as I couldn't bend down and pick up my toddler's toys off the floor.
  7. Blondiee


    Congratulations!!! It is an exciting time full of change and hope!!!
  8. Blondiee

    puree stage?

    Yes, it's normal and it does get better. I personally didn't have scrambled eggs until my soft food stage but, I know all doctor's are different in what they allow. Now that I think about it that was the last time I had scrambled eggs. I use to LOVE them.
  9. Blondiee

    What yogurt for full liquids?

    ^^The roasted coconut vanilla flavor(or something like that) is delicious!!! I have them once in a blue moon when I'm craving something sweet.
  10. Alright, alright, alright!!! Congratulations!! Where will you be having your surgery? I see you're in CA and I'm just curious/nosey.
  11. Blondiee

    Sassy, Sexy & Fit 1 Year Postop

    *Insert wolf whistle here* You look amazing!!!!!
  12. Blondiee

    So quick!

  13. Blondiee

    7 weeks after plastics!

    You look fantastic!
  14. @@onedaycloser 18/20 to a 14...NICE! My Breakfast shake recipe is simple...one scoop of Syntrax Cookies and Cream Protein powder and 12 ounces of FF milk. Shake in my Blender Bottle and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. YUMMO!
  15. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Thanks @@katesuccess I am really happy with my results thus far! You'll be on the loser's bench very soon!
  16. Blondiee

    Epic battle- Liquids vs Solid

    It's really not that difficult; having a plan will make it that much easier. Try setting a timer on your phone to remind you to drink your fluids.
  17. I totally feel you @@SoonergirlLayla! Not sure how I'm going to celebrate though. New handbag maybe? I've been lusting for the Chloe Alice tote. *heartbreaking price though*
  18. Congratulations on your outstanding weight loss!!!! Sorry, I can't help with any information regarding your insurance.
  19. Blondiee

    Just scheduled my PANNI!

    No advice or suggestions but I wanted to say congratulations!
  20. Blondiee

    anyone experincing this

    I didn't experience this but, I'd follow my doctor's orders and stay on liquids for 3 more days. Take it slow and maybe stay on liquids/full liquids a little longer. We all heal at different rates. Oh and your stomach will continue to make noise for quite some time.
  21. Blondiee


    I was dating before surgery and that has continued after surgery. Did the whole internet dating thing 14 years ago and I'm over it now. However, it did yield a loving relationship that lasted 2 1/2 years.
  22. Blondiee

    Anyone Else Cold All The Time?

    Mee too Shellvsg!
  23. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    New jeans EVERY week?!?!?!?!?!? Jeez...this is getting expensive.
  24. Blondiee

    Low Carb or not....

    About 4 1/2 months...had surgery in December 2013.
  25. Blondiee

    What is your Pre-op Dirt?

    My pre-op dirt is going with me to the grave! All jokes aside, my surgeon didn't require one.