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  1. skinnygirlwithin

    I hit my 100lbs lost today! WOO HOO!

    So very Excited for you!!!! Enjoy your shoes!!!
  2. skinnygirlwithin

    Ah, the old back handed compliment!

    my fav one is... "your husband must be all over you".... my answer now is "Why because he was repulsed by me before?" and just stand there & wait for them to correct their statment. I dont know why this one comment bugs me.
  3. skinnygirlwithin

    GOOOOOOOAL! (w/Pix)

    Congrats!!! I HOPE you feel as good as you look! Cause you look wonderful!
  4. skinnygirlwithin


    My new fav place is White House Black Market (granted i shop the sales there - but i love their stuff) NY & Co is another
  5. skinnygirlwithin

    Turkey Neck

    Im in my 40's and started to get a bit of a turkey neck... i started using a product through Rodan & Fields, Redefine - its like a mask and it feels like it tighens the skin... my turkey neck is no longer
  6. skinnygirlwithin

    Eating and First Dates.

    Love the soup idea! god knows most of us are always cold!
  7. Hi - i am south Jersey (between C.Barry Bridge & Del Memorial Bridge) had surgery Dec 11, 2013 (little over a year ago)
  8. skinnygirlwithin

    Omg so much pain

    For me the first 4 days totally sucked... try to walk as much as you can - It gets better!!! Feel better
  9. skinnygirlwithin

    Still skinny.

    You look awesome!!
  10. skinnygirlwithin

    Did your shoe size go down?

    was a 9... now between 8 & 8.5 new clothes & new shoes!!!
  11. I need HELP and some pointers... My Doc asked me to speak at his Weight Loss Seminar tonight. You know the Seminar we all attended deciding whether to do this…. Normally I am prepared - but I have had so much going on with multiple sick family members in and out of the hospital these past several weeks that I haven’t had a second to think about tonight. Has anyone spoken at a seminar for WLS? How did you begin, what did you talk about? I am drawling a blank and this is so UNLIKE ME!!!! I have 3 items of clothes and before and after pictures… but what do I say? Why am I freaking out??? This is so not me… thank you for any help, ideas or advice!!!
  12. skinnygirlwithin

    Best and worst "compliments"

    @Mayaresearchmom - THAT IS AWESOME! You need to post that in the NSV too!!!
  13. skinnygirlwithin

    Best and worst "compliments"

    The boss over sales can NEVER remember anyones name... EVER (its awful but true) he will call you 5 names before he gets it right... so my name right off the bat everytime he sees me now... "skinny minny" its a good thing i dont need him for a raise. Today a co-worker says "you done losing weight cause your face is too thin" I replied with "funny, no one ever had the guts to tell me that my face was too fat before. when you're thin its like everyone has a right to make comments about your weight....and you dont have that right - but thank you for calling me thin" I guess she thought about it, because later in the day she came up to me to say she was sorry, and that i was right, she has no right to make comments about anyones weight and that she was proud of me for wanting to get healthy. best comment - we were going to a friends wedding, and i came out dressed up - my husband, dad, step mom, & son all said at the same time WOW!! simple comment but had a power punch to my heart!

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