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  1. H2neal


    Before and after
  2. Yes my clothes are too and people are commenting so I am not too worried either.
  3. H2neal

    Where did/are having your surgery

    My surgery was 9/26 and I got the sleeve. Did you get the sleeve or the bypass?
  4. H2neal

    Where did/are having your surgery

    Yes that is very cool!
  5. I didn’t even think about Kroger
  6. H2neal

    Where did/are having your surgery

    Had my surgery 9/26 at saint Thomas Rutherford in Murfreesboro Tn
  7. I am doing good. I weighed yesterday and I had gained and then weighed today and it went back down to where I was couple days ago. But I am not going to get discouraged. I am just gonna keep on doing the program. I have not had a bowel movement in like three days but I don’t really feel like I need to. I have been using the miralax once a day. I need to get more protein in for sure been trying to get all my water in. I went to Walmart to buy my premier shakes and they were completely out.
  8. I went back to work today. Feeling bit tired this eve and feel some tugging in belly. Prob from inside stitches. Yesterday I started having diarrhea several times yesterday and few times today already. I know that isn’t helping the dehydration that is prob lurking already. Just ready to go home and rest. I go see my surgeon tomorrow for my two week follow up. I noticed I had some pain through my upper back when trying to eat last night but none today. Hope everyone is well. Oh yea and I still have the allergic reaction around all my incisions. Just not as bad.
  9. H2neal

    September bypass buddies??

    I had 1/2 cup mashed potatoes today. It was like heaven! I just took small bites and ate slowly. Everything was fine.
  10. H2neal

    September bypass buddies??

    My dr is out of the office but I had sent him pics and talk to him on the phone but his partner agreed that it was an allergic reaction as well. They started me on a medrol pak of steroids. I had started Benadryl yesterday and hydrocortisone cream. Hope it subsided soon.
  11. H2neal

    September bypass buddies??

    Here is a pic of three of my incisions
  12. H2neal

    September bypass buddies??

    I am at the doctors office right now. I am having some type of allergic reaction. The itching is driving me crazy and around my incisions are all swollen and red and I have a rash on belly. I don’t have a fever and no pain. Just insane itching!!!
  13. H2neal

    September bypass buddies??

    Welcome to the group!!

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