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  1. Slurpee_girl

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Also, start cutting other sources of caffeine...chocolate, tea, cokes, etc. I've never had a caffeine headache after I cleaned it out of my system and it feels great.
  2. Slurpee_girl

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My suggestion is to start "cutting" your caffeine way before your surgery. Start mixing in more decaf into your coffee...then half caff, then go to all decaf well before your surgery. You may find then you can give up the 'ritual' of drinking coffee since you aren't getting the caffeine high anymore...another good idea before surgery. Replace with drinking water, or mio, G2, etc. which WILL be part of your life post. I was a major caffeine addict pre surgery...we are talking quad espresso shots at Starbucks plus 2-3cups of coffee a day.
  3. Slurpee_girl

    Calling all September 24th buddies

    Hi Scorpion, Yes, stalls are very common...I've been through three so far. Just our bodies trying to take a break and catch up. Just keeping doing the right thing and it will pass. I never lost as fast as pre-op and immediately post surgery after the first month..but slow and steady wins the race... And your skin doesn't sag as much in my opinion. I put neosporin on my scars for awhile, but nothing now....they seem to still be getting better with time. I haven't had any real hair loss issues yet, and I take Biotin every day. I don't take an iron supplement....don't know why...doctor didn't recommend for me. Hope that helps. Just stick with the plan, stay focused, and it WILL work. Good luck.
  4. Slurpee_girl

    30-Ab Crunch Challenge. Who's With Me?

    I'll join...better late than never.
  5. Slurpee_girl

    December Fitness Challenge

    Ok. I'll play this challenge... Better late than never. For the remainder of the month I will try the plank challenge and to get 40 miles walked. Additionally, do 40 crunches every day. Wish me luck.
  6. Slurpee_girl

    December Fitness Challenge

    Never mind. Just saw GG plank post. Thanks.
  7. Slurpee_girl

    December Fitness Challenge

    Can you tell me what a planking challeng is? Sounds interesting.
  8. Everyone looks awesome. Now I just need a reason to dress up ( and a new dress) so I can play!!! Congrats everyone!
  9. Slurpee_girl

    Calling all September 24th buddies

    Hang I there. Stalls are common. I'm at about the same rate if loss as you and hit a stall over thanksgiving but have lost a few lbs in the past 10 days. ,
  10. Slurpee_girl

    What Damage Have I Done?

    I'm not sure about the artificial sweetener but the only protein I can handle is the premier protein shakes chocolate. I hope you find something that works for you.
  11. Slurpee_girl

    What Damage Have I Done?

    I'm not a doctor, but I don't think you've done any damage to your sleeve. I think you would be able to tell. I would try and go back to your doctors recommendation, but don't worry yourself about what you ate...I've seen lots of posts from people that were on puréeds after day 3!
  12. I struggled with the same depressing comparisons since I had less to lose.i downloaded an app called Get-2-Goal for my iPad that really helped.
  13. I.m there with you. I still crave food, not as bad...but sadly still do.
  14. I.m there with you. I still crave food, not as bad...but sadly still do.

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