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  1. nnegrete329

    Before and After Pics

    Ok I can finally post something It's more like before and during Nov 2013 to March 2014 down 45 lbs. surgery 2/6/14 down 30 lbs since. 40 lbs to goal.
  2. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    I'm 11 days out and have felt the same way. I haven't tried "normal food" lol only because I'm super scared but I did tried hiking yesterday since I was feeling good. I couldn't do a full hike but it was ok. I was however feeling super tender today. Today was my first day back to work but I have an office job so it was not bad at all.
  3. It's only going to get better! Don't even worry about it.
  4. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    I've been telling myself just one more week and I can mash It up lol It was a bad day mostly. Thank u all for the support
  5. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Thanks! I really hope tomorrow is better. Today was really hard. On the upside I'm down 7 lbs since Thursday yay!! But dang it I'm still wanting avocado. Maybe once the puréed stage comes it won't be as bad
  6. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Alright guys I need help!!! I'm at the stage of WHAT THE F*** DID I JUST DO TO MYSELF!! I'm so irritated today and I just want to eat something. Not hungry but today I really just wanted some avocado... Like really really really wanted avocado. And I cried bc I couldn't have it and the I put myself in a panic because it seems I'll never eat again!!!
  7. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Good luck to everyone coming up this week!! Today I'm feeling a bit better. Happy to be home. I tired sleeping on my side and it sucked!! I got a bunch of acid coming up and wanted to throw up! Other than that it's all good. My incisions don't bother me at all. And all I really wanna be able to do right now is fart. But I guess my body wants to be a lady and burp it all out lol Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    How r u feeling at 5 days
  9. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Alright I finally feel good enough to type lol Surgery went well. Small hernia repair. I do have a lot of discomfort. And had a terrible pain attack earlier today. I can't seem to stop burping. But I feel ok. Getting up with no help and have been walking a lot. I should go home tomorrow
  10. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Just checked in!!!! Keep me in your prayers!!!
  11. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Surgery is tomorrow! Today I'm on all clear liquids and it feels like the first day of the pre op diet! I'm so hungry!!!! I don't have to be at the hospital till 11:30 am so I'll know I'll be starving by then! Ok vent over
  12. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    I'm sorry your in pain... But I kinda can't wait for that feeling lol
  13. nnegrete329

    February Surgeries

    Yay Erin!!!I'm glad you're doing well. Mines on Thursday and I'm still prepping everything at home and work getting more nervous day by day. Thanks for sharing!
  14. nnegrete329

    February Sleevers 2014 with Stats!

    Hi there!! 2/6/14!!! HW:220 CW:207 Height: 4'11" BMI: 41 Age:24 GW: 130

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