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  1. I've always had beautiful nails that grow very long. My nails began to break off and became seriously weak around last month some time even though I take Biotin 5000mg. I have had great labs at 6mths post-op and find that some days I'm just more tired than others. For me, it may also be because I'm anemic but my labs on my Iron are great. I'm more carnivore, I love meat and maybe I'm getting most of my iron from the meaty meals I'm eating. Make sure your taking your B-12 melts, try biotin 5000 mg melts. I guess as quicker as my nails break they seem to grow back faster because of the Biotin. Once Mother Nature decides she not so pissed off with us, (14 snowstorms in 22 days) I want to start walking. I really have not done ANY exercising unless I count dancing up a storm whenever I put on a little music in my house. Continued success & blessings. MzO
  2. Right now your goal is to be a healthier you. Someone, somewhere will always have something to say. Keep your goals as your prize to living a better life and let everything and everybody else just roll with it... Or don't. Continued blessings and success.
  3. MzO

    Ticker testing!

    Hi, I go to tickerfactory.com and copy and paste.
  4. Welcome Christina, I was sleeved on 8/14 and I had the most debilatating headaches and was told by my NUT that we're part of the 2% of people whose get headaches as a side effect to the liquid fasting in the beginning of this journey. Girl, I was so done from my headaches! I could only try to get my liquids down and then lay down. It was the longest and worse two weeks but I made it through by God's grace and mercy. But the headaches had me edgy and mad. Call your NUT and see if there is something that can be done. I suffered for 2 long weeks. Good luck.
  5. MzO


    You know, I'm feeling like I'm part of that hungry club myself. It's seven weeks post-op for me and I find myself a little hungry too. Still, it's hard to eat more than 4ozs which I find good. Somethings, like grits I think I do more than 4ozs, maybe 4 1/2 ozs with a piece of sausage and a piece of cheese. But I won't eat anything else until lunch and I try to get at least 40ozs of Water. I use to kill water pre-op, now it's forceful. Still I wanna try fitting Snacks in between my meals but how do you eat a snack for 30mins when it's a minimal meal? I do find myself craving for a burger which was my ultimate weakness. And I seem to be able to tolerate bread, toasted of course. My Protein shake is 25mg but it's 14ozs. It seems to take forever just to get that down. My stomach seems to be doing a good job of not waking down fast food lane, but still my mind is tripping, skipping and wondering about fast food lane, lol It's a bit of a struggle, one I didn't think I was going to have to struggle with after this surgery and all... Thoughts fellow sleevers....
  6. MzO

    Feeling Good This Morning

    Hello Fellow Sleevers! Feeling good this morning! Stepped on the scaled and I'm down 3 more pounds! Fist pumps! One thing I don't do is continuously weigh myself. That would drive me crazy because as I have found out, even though it's early, my body likes to retain water if I eat the slightest thing salty. Hence seeing three pounds creep back on me the first week I was on creamed chicken soup. I'm was pissed and annoyed to see that because the purpose of the surgery is to lose, not gain. Of course after I exploded on my dietitian, she casually said it was because of the cream of chicken soup being salty. I think a clue for 100 Alex would have been better, it should have been discussed in the beginning when we started that stage that some things may or may not make you retain water and also constipate you since you wouldn't being eating a lot of fiber. You can't get all that water down that they ask you to do in the beginning. Realistically it's just not possible, but you work towards trying. Fast forward to this morning, me jumping on the scale and seeing the 3 pounds lost. I still haven't incorporated daily exercise into my life. I know I have too. I enjoy walking and have done it a couple of times but not with consistency. That's the next phase I have to ease into... Well, that's my exciting news for today. I am really happy about that! Continued success to all whom are traveling on this journey. Blessings, MzO
  7. MzO

    Ready to go back to work

    GM Everyone, I am almost 3 weeks post op and I'm ready to go back to work. I really feel it's because I lost my spouse on 11/28/12 and my grief is still very raw. Being home all day is a 24/7 constant reminder that I don't have him by my side. When I looked to the left, he was always there, he was my rocked when I faltered and it's a constant, unbearable hurt. I MISS HIM!!! At least while I was at work that was 8hrs of my day that I needed to concentrate on something other than my grief. And although that was hard as hell, being home all dayum day is harder, I'm 21.5 pds down and on the soft stage phase 2, I stepped on the scale and noticed I gained like a pd 1/2 back. How is that possible? I thought the meaning of being sleeved was to lose, not gain. Anyway, lot's of mixed emotions going on this morning, I'm going to pray on them and let my mind get back to continued success at this life changing decision. Blessings, MzO
  8. Thanks @ Kalieanne. Continued Blessings, MzO [/url]
  9. Congrats on your weight loss and your great victory and there will be more to come. I\m just two weeks post op too and I'm trying to get my energy level back up. I keep looking at my treadmill wondering if I can because I feel so exhausted just going to the supermarket and back. But I will not let that deter me, come Sunday, I''m hopping on. I won't know until I try.... Blessings, MzO [/url]
  10. MzO

    Zumba after surgery?!

    You know, that\s a bit of my frustration right now, the energy level. Just going to get a couple of things from the supermarket is taxing. I use to have so much energy before this. But I won't complain, this surgery may have given me years more added to my life. Getting my energy level back is a small thing. But don't over do it, your healing inside, not out. There is a big difference. [/url]
  11. You know, afterwards I thought the same thing. I was so sure, not a hesitation in mind when I had the surgery on 8-14-3, it was going through the first phase that made me doubt myself. But if there are health issues, this is best. True it's irreversible but I've been told you can still stretch your sleeve out if you don't eat according. I've even read about people that have stretched their stomachs some 5 to 7 yrs later. Not gaining a tremendous amount of weight but still gaining weight back. I agree with Gamergirl, its your body and your choice. Choose wisely.... [/url]
  12. Had my two weeks post op doctors visit. Down 21.5 pds. I was shocked. Now onto phase 2. Thought it would be easy to do but not as easy as we think and get down the Water content too. But I will push on and do the best I can... [/url]
  13. MzO

    Recovery is a b***h

    Hi, Was sleeved Wed Aug 14th, had a horrible gas pain under my left breast. Thought I was having a heart attack! I have the gas melts in cherry flavor. First I had to convince the nurse to let me take MY gas-x but once I got through to them the pain subsided (SLOWLY) that was the biggest thing so far about this surgery. Home and trying to get in my liquids, I do hot tea in the morning, ice pops are freakin GREAT and flavored Water, then I'll do some chicken broth to end things with. Haven't looked at a scale and won't for right now and I walk through my apartment, back and forth. I still feel really tired so I don't want to jump on the treadmill just yet. Taking this end one day @ a time.
  14. Hello, My surgery is tomorrow too, but my doctor didn't give me specific orders to change my diet. Please do not eat anything because that may intefer with the surgery. It's only a couple of hours and your doing so well already. Hope everything goes good for you tomorrow and thank you Jesus that we have a God whose grace and mercy is plentiful. Stay Blessed and will chat with you on the other side of our surgeries tomorrow. Blessings, MzO
  15. Please don't say that... I have my surgery tomorrow.

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