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  1. IdahoGirl32

    November buddies where are you?

    I was sleeved Nov 25 and I'm down 75 lbs. The weight loss has slowed quite a bit now.
  2. IdahoGirl32

    Please help

    I think sleeve is used for people who don't have as much to lose, or who are young and don't have as many comorbidities making it more urgent to lose weight. Because you don't lose as fast with sleeve. Also, with bypass you'll have dumping syndrome if you eat sweets. Some people report dumping with sleeve, but it's not common. I was never a sweets-eater, so I knew sleeve was probably fine for me. Recovery is easy and it does have less risk of complication. So far so good! 4 months out and 75 lbs down!
  3. IdahoGirl32

    What am i doing wrong?

    I was sleeved in November and I never get the "satisfied" feeling. I never get hungry either. Waiting now ranges from "meh" to uncomfortable. Not a bad thing though. Its nice to feel like I have power over food rather than the other way around.
  4. I'm 12 weeks out and only have to take my antacid every few days or so. It depends a lot on what I eat.
  5. Try a little juice with real sugar cut with water. It'll be high carb so you can't get into the habit of it but it really helped me get liquids in early on. It just goes down and sits easier.
  6. IdahoGirl32

    my missing stomach

    For me, the thought of having a foreign object in me was way freakier than having stomach removed! Its probably the permanence of it that's getting to you. You can't just get that stomach replaced! So, nervousness is understandable. If it helps, you barely notice its gone...except the whole three bites and you're full thing.
  7. IdahoGirl32


    I was the exact same. Getting maybe 200 calories in. You just have to keep trying. Try chewing on Jerky, drink juice, experiment with a lot of different things until you find something you can tolerate. It'll pass, you just have to get through it!
  8. IdahoGirl32


    YES! I went through the exact same thing. I was fine for the first 4 weeks and then the 5th and 6th week I couldn't eat anything without feeling really sick, I couldn't drink anything on an empty stomach. It was so bad. I still don't even know what the issue was, but one day, after about two weeks, I woke up and felt fine. So, I have no idea what's wrong, but I can tell you that it will pass. I empathize with you, though, it really does suck. I got really dehydrated during this time, so my advice would be to mix Water with juice (I know it has a lot of sugar, but you do what you have to do) and drink that. It went down so much easier and helped me not get too dehydrated. Plus, it's gets you some calories since you don't want to eat anything.
  9. IdahoGirl32

    Day 3 post op - hungry

    I was feeling "hunger" post op, too. But I upped my omeprazole and it went away. I think I associated that acidic feeling with hunger, so I thought that's what it was. You are probably not actually hungry. Try upping your acid meds...or just remember to take them regularly.
  10. IdahoGirl32

    unflavored protein?

    I can totally taste it. I do not recommend! I would do the vanilla and put it in smoothies. That's the only way I can mask the flavor. Bleh.
  11. Don't even worry about it. Focus on getting fluids in right now and adjusting to the way your new stomach feels! The best thing to do is go to a Vitamin shoppe or GNC and get samples of a bunch of different Protein powders and shakes - you can buy individuals of several brands - and try them. You'll eventually find something that works for you. BUT be prepared for your taste to change again and you'll have to do that all over again in a few weeks and find another that works.
  12. I bought a bunch of these for post-op and they're absolutely disgusting. Seriously. Don't waste your money. They're thick like maple syrup and sickly sweet. Plan on regular old Protein shakes and later post-op, Protein Bars. Also, it's misleading that they call them protein shots. I was thinking it would be really small but they're huge. And, did I mention, sooooooo gross. Blech. It makes me shudder just thinking about them.
  13. IdahoGirl32


    If was approved for me after sleeve because I got a terrible cold. I took it and did fine. That said, you shouldn't get into the habit of taking that stuff to sleep. Its got a lot of other meds in it that you don't need and it just makes things harder on your body while trying to heal.
  14. IdahoGirl32

    Im a cheater...am i screwed?

    The most important thing is to REALLY NOT CHEAT the three days before surgery. Some people have plans where they can eat healthy meals up until three days before surgery, but there are almost no plans that say it's ok to have solids those three days before surgery. If you need to cheat, do it with a little Protein or yogurt. But, make sure those three days are totally cheat-free. You would hate yourself if you got a complication and it could have been prevented by having just a little more will-power.