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  1. Vivian19

    Not hungry at all.

    Have you tried puréed soups and syntax nectar or isopure. Isopure has 40 gms. Of protein per 20.
  2. Also make sure you are not taking a mouthful....small sips 5 minutes apart. I hope you feel better soon.
  3. Sending prayers your way....congrats!
  4. I cannot get enough water or protein in....does anyone have any suggestions on how to get 64 ounces of water into your body on a daily basis? I am 11 days post- op.

  5. Vivian19

    Post op Week 1 diet

    My doctor ordered clear liquids for 2 weeks, full liquids for 2 weeks, puréed foods for 2 weeks and so on and so forth. Ask your doctor what he advises. Congrats and good luck.
  6. Vivian19

    Pre op appointment

    Yes, jump back on the wagon. You should be following your pre- op diet. It is to shrink your liver so it will be easier to see in your abdomen. If your live is too big they may make an incision down the middle. So please start and stick to your pre-op diet, it is important. Good luck,
  7. Vivian19

    Excited but anxious

    It's normal to feel that way, I had my surgery last week. What gave me that final push was that if I don't have the surgery, my morbid obesity would increase my chances of serious health problems. So, I needed to do this surgery to use it as the tool it is to decrease my chances of having those serious health issues. .
  8. Vivian19

    Having a hard time!

    I agree, 2 Gas-x strips very 4 hours really helped me. Make sure you are letting the broth cool to room temperature before trying to sip it. Did you mention tea? I was sleeved on June 26, 2013, I am only drinking sugar-free clear liquids and coconut water. I am using coconut milk for my protein shake. That has really helped me improve. Good luck and I pray you feel better soon.
  9. Vivian19

    3 days po HELP!

    That happened to me also, I found taking smaller sips while standing really helped me. When you get nauseous, you are taking a mouthful rather than a small sip and should wait more than 5 minutes between sips, I hope this helps.
  10. Vivian19

    I was sleeved June 3rd

    Thank you for sharing with us. Good luck, feel better soon.
  11. I am 4 days post op, I crush my pills b/c they are still a little big for me to swallow. Si mix them with a little jello. I am on clear liquids for 2 weeks so jello is the easiest to mix my crush pills with.
  12. Vivian19

    Slight Pre-Op Freakout!

    You went through all of that to just turnaround?? I don't think so, calm yourself down. You are ready for this, you have prepared. Maybe you are a little anxious, I do not blame you...but think what you will gain? God will bring you through this. Stay strong, keep the faith, and get ready to celebrate your new life.
  13. Vivian19

    More than 6oz per hour?

    I can am post op day 3 and am just getting half of a small jello down. Feeling a lot better today.
  14. I had my seminar and initial consultation on May 11, nutritionist appt. with metabolic breath test, psych eval, split sleep study all at the end of May. Insurance approval took a little over a week, my surgery date is tomorrow. Thank God.... I am ready to get sleeved. You are almost there, Good luck!
  15. You don't need to eat until you are full. Keep measuring and eating slowly. As long as you are not feeling hungry, don't worry about eating until you are full. Stay strong and well. Contact your nutritionist.
  16. Vivian19

    June surgery dates

    My surgery date is June 26, 2013...in 3 days, I am soooooo excited.