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  1. homersmomma

    after surgery care

    I went to my primary care physician. I told him about what I had planned to do.
  2. I traveled to Mexico to have my gastric sleeve done in September 2013. I was close to backing out up until I went to sleep. I had a few bad dreams and anxiety attacks along the way. However, now I am so glad I did it, I would never go back to the way my life used to be.
  3. homersmomma

    Mexico Dr's? There are so many!

    I had my sleeve with Dr. Alverez in September of 2013 and like you I am not made of money either. My experience with him and his clinic was positive.
  4. homersmomma

    what kind of scale do you have?

    I use a Taylor brand scale that is rated for up to 450 pounds. I got it at my local Wal-Mart.
  5. homersmomma

    Tub NSV

    Wow, I haven't thought of taking a long soak in the tub yet. Congratulations on your NSV. They sure feel great.
  6. homersmomma

    7 weeks

    Stay Positive and keep up the good work. You can do this.
  7. homersmomma

    What to bring?

    Even though it may have been mentioned before, bring Gas-X Strips. My best advice is to pack light. Phone charger, clean socks and underpants and loose fitting clothing.
  8. Prior to surgery I had trouble with bladder leakage when I laughed, sneezed, or coughed. Now that I have lost a good bit of weight I am glad to report that I am not having that happen anymore.
  9. My relationship with my former best friend and comfort has changed. The way I think about food has changed the way I feel about it has changed. It is weird to me at times that I for once in my life am not obsessed with what I am going to eat, or where I am going to eat. I think about eating to live now not living to eat and it feels so great. I think about making good food choices over hurried convenience over processed foods. I taste food, experience it and savor it in a new way. Has your feelings about food changed?
  10. I need to certainly increase my water intake. I am so bad about that.
  11. homersmomma


    I was sleeved September 6th of this year and I have had issues with insomnia also. Prior to my surgery I was having such awful sleep apnea and I was exhausted all the time now I no longer have sleep apnea and I have trouble sleeping. What a mess to be in.
  12. homersmomma

    First NSV/thanks for holiday help

    So happy for you! There are going to be a lot more NSV's in the future trust me.
  13. homersmomma

    Sleeved. I can't believe I did it!

    Congratulations on starting your new life!
  14. homersmomma


    I avoid carbs. If I eat them I feel that I am taking up precious room for protein, I tend to not feel good after eating carbs now.
  15. I just told my PCP that I was having the surgery. I brought back the films from my leak test for him to see and that was it.