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  1. Tiffany0818

    70 lbs down Jan 2014

  2. Tiffany0818

    Sleeve 6-20-13

  3. Tiffany0818

    3 months post op and 48lbs down

    So I'm 12 weeks post op and almost 50lbs down I feel better and most if my clothes ate baggy in me. I'm not really exercising as I should I'm super busy but I'm glad I had this surgery it's a life saver;)
  4. Tiffany0818

    Constipation and 8 weeks postop

    Thx guys
  5. I had my surgery 6-20 and weigh 243 and today made 2 months and weigh 205 a weightloss of 38lbs. What do you eat on a normal day? Curious and need motivation. By the way congrats
  6. Tiffany0818

    Constipation and 8 weeks postop

    I'm 8 weeks out list 38lbs and can not go to the bathroom! So frustrating when it's 10-11 days with no bowel movements and lots of pain! Anyone else went through this??
  7. Tiffany0818

    Losing too fast?

    Please tell me how you lost all the weight so quickly! My surgery was 6/20 and I lost 30lbs.
  8. Tiffany0818

    Losing too fast?

    I lost 13lbs 1st week in 6 weeks out and 30 lbs down!
  9. Please tell me what's ur diet, exercise and vitamin plan! I'm 6 weeks out and 30lbs lighter!
  10. I was sleeved 6 weeks ago and lost 30lbs. Congrats to us, but I have a question what do u eat on a daily basis I feel like I'm not doing well and what exercise and vitamins you take?
  11. Tiffany0818

    Sleeved on June 24.

    June 20th down 30lbs!
  12. Tiffany0818

    Stall :(

    Thx guys for the encouragement and I know I have to stay positive
  13. Tiffany0818

    Stall :(

    Almost 6weeks post op and I've been at a stall for 2 weeks every time I go on the scale which is 1 or 2 weekly I notice I'm at the same weight except today it said 1 lb down! For the ppl who been out of surgery for a while did they go through this? And I only lost 27 lbs in almost 6 weeks is this too little?? Help please
  14. Tiffany0818


    So I when to see my doctor he cleared me to eat regular food, but I have some questions regarding wraps, breads(turkey sandwich) broccoli, salad and alcohol. I asked so many questions that I forgot to ask him about these. How did u guys eat on a regular diet.
  15. Tiffany0818

    3 weeks post op