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  1. Tiffany0818
    Almost 6weeks post op and I've been at a stall for 2 weeks every time I go on the scale which is 1 or 2 weekly I notice I'm at the same weight except today it said 1 lb down! For the ppl who been out of surgery for a while did they go through this? And I only lost 27 lbs in almost 6 weeks is this too little?? Help please
  2. Tiffany0818
    So I when to see my doctor he cleared me to eat regular food, but I have some questions regarding wraps, breads(turkey sandwich) broccoli, salad and alcohol. I asked so many questions that I forgot to ask him about these. How did u guys eat on a regular diet.
  3. Tiffany0818
    23 days out and 24lbs down! Just a question: I get nauseated every time I eat something is it because I'm over eating or it's normal? I only eat very small portions but I still don't mentally know when I'm full. Any help??
  4. Tiffany0818
    So I'm reading about dumping syndrome and is that for the 1st few months and year or is that some con that will forever stay with us?? And is that just from sugar? I'm regretting this sleeve that I just got 2 weeks ago because I donor want to experience that!!!
  5. Tiffany0818
    So it's Day6 and I still have the most horrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Yesterday I went to see my Dr and I lost 11 lbs in a week and 2 lbs from before surgery so 13lbs in a week and a half. I'm super happy and motivated even more but this pain will not go away and I'm so over it. But my question is does anyone have mental hunger? I can't seem to stop thinking about food, is it cause I haven't eaten in over a week or I'm really emotionally attached to food?? This is driving me nuts....
  6. Tiffany0818
    I had surgery Thursday June 20th,2013, and it's day 2 and I feel like a train ran me over! I have major gas and gas bubbles along with loose stool. I basically feel like I have no control over any bowel movement or my body and this sucks! I can hardly breathe, laugh, cough or cry! The hardest thing is not being able to care for my children and hubby! I'm like a little baby and I can't wait till I can feel normal again!
  7. Tiffany0818
    So yesterday the 4th made 2 weeks post op and I lost 21 lbs and I'm excited and motivated, but don't really see it,however; many ppl already tell me they are a difference. Feeling a little better but still have neck pain and a little more relaxed now that I'm on the puréed stage cause I get to eat instead of liquids, thx god. How did some of you people feel post op after 2 weeks?