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  1. Luckily I didn't have any drain!
  2. I know we all have to hang in there!
  3. Tiffany0818

    Neck and shoulder pain

    I move all day, go for long walks with my husband and kids, it's finally day 8 and the neck pain is there but not that bad now. Good luck to all of us
  4. Tiffany0818

    Neck and shoulder pain

    So it's Day6 and I still have the most horrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Yesterday I went to see my Dr and I lost 11 lbs in a week and 2 lbs from before surgery so 13lbs in a week and a half. I'm super happy and motivated even more but this pain will not go away and I'm so over it. But my question is does anyone have mental hunger? I can't seem to stop thinking about food, is it cause I haven't eaten in over a week or I'm really emotionally attached to food?? This is driving me nuts....
  5. Just made 8 days and I'm still sore but so sick of this liquid diet I'm dying to get into the puréed stage I'm so over broth and crystal light! Blah... But today I have up say I'm mentally hungry I can't seem to stop thinking of food I never knew I had an emotional attachment to food it's tough!
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    Mi Docotor Hopsital - Tijuana *GRAPHIC*

    That's amazing!! No wonder I'm so swollen in my tummy and that's pretty big and crazy how our stomach is removed!!!
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    Day 2 post op

    I had surgery Thursday June 20th,2013, and it's day 2 and I feel like a train ran me over! I have major gas and gas bubbles along with loose stool. I basically feel like I have no control over any bowel movement or my body and this sucks! I can hardly breathe, laugh, cough or cry! The hardest thing is not being able to care for my children and hubby! I'm like a little baby and I can't wait till I can feel normal again!
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    Day 2 post op

    Thx guys! yea I walked around the block last night but I too have loose stool and bad gas pains. I'm not physically hungry but more mentally but I'm so tired and bored. Can't care for my son or daughter, can't wash laundry or dust I'm a huge OCD freak so this is what I think gods testing me on. But today I woke up with more of the pain in my neck and chest still from the c2o and gas bubbles. I see my surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully I lost some weight lol.
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