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  1. I do believe it's true/That there are roads left in both of our shoes

  2. Canary Diamond

    Return of the 80s! or Depression and The Reflux-flux-flux-flux

    Hmmmm.... it plays when I click it. Or you could click on the link and watch it on YouTube.
  3. Rev up that Dolorian! My latest YouTube offal has hit the ethernet waves and boy, is it a blast from the past. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR55jP2gSPE Part deux coming soon!
  4. Got my free Clif Bar in the mail today! The email reply I received from Mio claims they aren't offering samples now, but may do so when a new product comes out.
  5. According to her blog, Jen is actually with Ben and has been for a few years. Not sure if they're married, but they've bought a house together. The "lesbian life partner" comment directed at Monique in the Acknowledgements (not epilogue) is in reference to their motorized cart dramatics (i.e., a joke).
  6. Canary Diamond

    Going Crackers?

    Found these same Parmesan crisps on netrition.com for $4.99 a bag! There's a $4.95 flat shipping rate, which is worth it if you buy anything else off the website.
  7. Canary Diamond

    Going Crackers?

    NINE GRAMS OF Protein IN PORK RINDS?!? Thank you, SJ; my eyes have been opened! And you haven't had any issues with tummy upset or acid reflux with either of these?
  8. Achy, bloated, pissy, cynical - won't you be my friend?

  9. Canary Diamond

    Going Crackers?

    Thanks for the clarification, GG!
  10. I couldn't figure out how to do thumbnails - only full-size.
  11. If I look like this at my goal weight, I will buy a much more flattering swimsuit!
  12. Canary Diamond

    Left overs = happy dogs

    My dog has never been happier. And his farts have never been smellier...
  13. You look hot! In a virtual, plastic-coated kind of way.
  14. Canary Diamond

    Going Crackers?

    Not a problem, Stacy. It's actually good to get the same recommendation from two different people! I noticed these are spendy on Amazon - have you tried other brands of parmesan chips? Did you have any issues with lactose intolerance? Thanks!
  15. Canary Diamond

    Going Crackers?

    Ashince, from my understanding slider foods are those that are not the healthiest, but that you can manage to overeat. For example, eating an entire delivery pizza over the course of a day by having a slice at a time. If anyone has a clearer or more informed explanation, please elucidate!