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  1. Anyone on insulin therapy? what is your dosing schedule like? Im 10 weeks pregnant and I see the diabetic speciaist tomorrow ...advice /thoughts/Im nervous...i wanna keep my baby safe....this is my first baby! Aww lil one is so cute! Im 11 months post op -- ...Im having a hard time keeping up with the Protein and calorie intake...this kid is hungry!! I also had the surgery due to infertility...this is my first baby at 39 yrs of age!! Im considered high risk cuz of my age and bariatric surgery/diabetes
  2. huligoo

    Post op FIRST time pregnancies

    Im 39 years old and pregnant with my first baby! I am 12 months post op right now I did not reach my goal weight but I got the sleeve so that i could become more fertile and now my lil bean is growing! Yay Im so happy!
  3. huligoo

    Hyprothyroid and SVG

    Surgery will work for you just at a slower rate At this point I've lost 43 lbs and lots of body fat looks like I lost 60 lbs I'm 5'8 Sw 283 cw 235 I am diabetic on one med now And only levothyroxine Hopefully eventually I will be off my diabetes meds soon! I'm happy with my progress so far!
  4. huligoo

    Plateau No More!

    I'm 9 months post op! I haven't lose lbs in a while too! It's the carbs huh?!! I eat toast and and hamburger bun with my patty! I eat about 100 carbs! Oh no I better turn it down!
  5. When your hubby walks right passed you at Target and texts you 'where are you'!?? lolol When a security guard at works stops you in the hallway and says ' hey you lost weight huh you look great! With a huge smile on his face! I felt flattered....
  6. huligoo

    Overeating and Self-sabotage: Part One

    Great post! Great article! I suffer with this BIG TIME!!
  7. huligoo

    Low Carb or not....

    Thanks to everyone on this post for sharing your story as to what has been working for you... I have been eating too many carbs...I do have bread on a weekly basis...either with toast with my coffee or make a hamburger and have a bun too! I do eat greek yogurt and veggies and Beans too Im on mfp...my username is huligoo! I would love to be mfp buddies too! Hope you all had an awesome Easter!
  8. huligoo

    coffee anyone?

    I started to drink coffee right after my 6 week check up! I drink it everyday!
  9. Wow! Your diabetes is gone! Whoohoo! I am a type 2 diabetic 9 months post op..but I am off two meds--insulin and actos pills---now only on METFORMIN Yay! Ive been a diabetic since I was 20 years old... My am #'s are usually in the 110 range in the afternoon Im usually in the 120 range... The lowest Ive had it post op was 104...so I feel Im having good progress... I hope and pray one day...I can be like you TYPE @ long gone!! My A1C is going down slowly...and iM losing my weight slowly too...I do have hypothyroidsm... But hey having way less meds is a godsend! I feel soooo much better and just each day is better for me!! So happy I got sleeved! I would love to know more about your story! thanks! take care!
  10. Wow! Soocalchic..you have done amazing!! Im a lil over 9 months out and stalled big time!! Im plateau right now at 237..Im doing zumba classes and trying to have a goal of walking 10 miles a week! I do have some health issues still...hypothyroidism and..type 2 diabetes..(off two meds;now only one med YAY) I would love to hear what worked for you so far....thanks a bunch.. I eat every 5 hours...
  11. huligoo

    42 up and pregnant

    I'm 39 years old TTC for 10 years now... No kids yet! I've been married 10 years now!
  12. Hi! I'm not in long beach but went to Downey kaiser! My surgery was at Harbor city kaiser ! Did u do kaiser options yet? I have no complications and I'm feeling great!
  13. huligoo

    PBS Documentary on wls

    I really wanna see this!
  14. huligoo


    It's normal part of relationships ! Find ways to reconnect ! You guys will be okay!
  15. huligoo

    117 lbs down! 7 months out :)

    I'm in a dreaded stall! Sounds like you got this handled! I'm at 237 lbs right now! Ugh What's your daily menu consist of .... Do you use My fitness pal too? We'd love to learn more --you are a pro!