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  1. I mix a scoop into my 4oz of Greek yogurt. It helps. I actually prefer most of my nectar proteins this way. Tons of protein in it too!
  2. GBFree82

    5K = Gain?

    Thanks for the response. I agree weighing every morning should be a no no but I'm having a hard time letting go. I reread my original post and I guess I should more worried than I am. There's no way I ate more than my 800cal that day so I had to be retaining water. My legs were so sore the next two days it would make sense. Thanks again
  3. GBFree82

    5K = Gain?

    Lol. That's what I was thinking too!
  4. GBFree82

    5K = Gain?

    I did "train" kinda. I did the 3.1 on the treadmill a few times and I take 4 weight training / toning classes a week. I just never thought I'd gain afterwards!
  5. GBFree82

    5K = Gain?

    Oh. And I stayed on plan! No cheating for me! And no alcohol either.
  6. GBFree82

    5K = Gain?

    I walk/ran my first 5k on thanksgiving. It was so hard it was 19degrees outside and 1.5 miles was all up hill! Here's my issue, the next day I weighed and I was up 4lbs! Almost a week later still up the same 4lbs with no sign of movement. Is this normal after a 5k? Surgery date: aug 5. Down 57lbs. From 267 to 210 (now 214 :-/. )
  7. I'm doing my first 5k ever thanksgiving morning so I can have a few bites of that pumpkin pie! After my turkey of course!
  8. GBFree82

    Pumpkin ideas?

    These sound so yummy! I did this one: 4oz cottage cheese with pumpkin pie spice, vanilla and Splenda. Mix and eat. It's good.
  9. GBFree82

    Pumpkin ideas?

    Am a huge pumpkin lover and now that I'm 11 weeks out and down nearly 40lbs I want to make a smart choice when it comes to indulging in something pumpkin. What ideas do you have?
  10. I started taking these to help with constipation at the advice of my surgeon. My question is, can I mix them both into one glass or do they need to be separated? If they should be separated, why?
  11. GBFree82


    I have two and LOVE them!! No work no fuss! Just shake it out and pull it on and go! I love it and I've gotten soooooo many compliments on my new cut!!! If you can do it, do it! I am saving so my money not having to buy hair style products and saving sooo much time not having to deal with my hairdo!
  12. I was required to take two chewable multivitamins and chewable calcium a day. The first week they made me nauseous and felt like sandpaper going down. By the middle of the second week I was throwing them up within minutes of chewing them. I even tried crushing them and that didn't work either. So I switched to multivites gummies and haven't thrown up since.
  13. My ex boss told me her secret diet tip. Drink lemon juice mixed with hot sauce and water. As much as you can drink every day for a month. She swore by it cause it "worked" she lost weight. I always wanted to say WELL DUH! Dumbest idea ever.
  14. I take the chewable iron without any problems, it's the oddest thing.