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  1. Anyone try this before? The lady at GNC was saying lots of bariatric patients like it cause it has Protein and veggies and Vitamins all in one mix. http://m.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13072372 Opinions?
  2. For those who got pregnant after wls. How old were you when you had wls? How old were you when you got pregnant? My dr. Says I have plenty of time to have a baby but I don't feel like I do. I feel like time is running out. I'm only 30 (31 in nov. ). I'm having the sleeve done August 5 as a tool to fight infertility.
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    I lost a bit of weight a few years ago and then gained it all back... But I kept all the cute clothes I bought and soon I will be able to shop from my own closet!! I'm serious! Some of these things still have tags on them as they were my "inspirational outfit" I can't wait to fit into them and then to donate them to the woman's shelter because they will be too big!!
  4. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    My paperwork says dr. Roller will be doing my surgery. How far are you in your process?
  5. I was thinking along the lines of string cheese and yogurt for the hotel. Do you think protein rtd shakes would be good to cart around with me all day?
  6. So obviously our grocery bills are going to be less since we aren't eating as much after surgery, but do you think it balances out after you've bought your Vitamins and Protein drinks? I am just starting out and I'm kind of blown away by how much everything cost: chewable Multivitamins, Calcium, Iron, sublingual b12. That's over $100 right there! Not including and protein mixes (some that start in the $40s. ) Just my rant. :-) thanks for listening.
  7. GBFree82

    Food vs vitamin bills

    That'll be good, my surgeon sales Bariatric Advantage and Celebrate in his office and I was shocked at the prices. They are on par with online prices before sales. I am a firm believer in taking Vitamins so ill stay on them forever I guess lol. How long did it take for you all to go back to regular vitamins vs chewables??
  8. GBFree82

    Scar gel?

    I'm hoping to find it on sale in the next few months. What do you think about coco butter? Does that work for scars like ppl say it works for stretch marks?
  9. What did you use on your scars? I was thinking of getting http://www.mederma.com My concern is that I had a laparoscopy early this year and the scar from that turned a deep purple. I would like to avoid that this time around!
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    http://www.mysavings.com/free-samples/pro-complex-protein-shake/3319/ Protein shake sample
  11. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    Yay! Yes, the bypass was suggested but we were told about all of them. I went in wanting the lap and and was told they are taking out more bands than they are putting in. So we went home and talked it over and decided the sleeve was best for us. We are self pay with no assistance from our insurance, the sleeve has maxed out our budget. We also choose the sleeve because we are hoping this will cure our infertility and I was worried the bypass would have ill affects on a pregnancy due to malnutrition. I am scheduled for surgery at northwest Springdale on aug 5 and I am so excited. Keep me updated on your journey!!
  12. GBFree82

    Scar gel?

    That was my plan, once everything is healed start on something to make them less obvious. When my mil had a breast reduction she was told to keep it taped for a several weeks after it was healed to minimize the stretch of the scar.
  13. GBFree82

    Telling the inlaws...

    So far so good! Everyone has been so supportive! I've told my two BFFs, my parents and one set of inlaws! I'm so proud of myself and I feel so loved that they are on my side! It definitely gives me the confidence I will need later when I get asked how I'm losing weight by outsiders.
  14. So I've made lunch and dinner reservations with both sets of inlaws (mom/stepdad & dad/stepmom) for this Saturday. We are finally going to tell them what's going on and that ill be having the vsg within the next few weeks. I know they will be shocked and have questions and I'm really Hoping they will be supportive. They've seen me struggle with my weight up and down and back up over the last ten years and I think we all know my weight has a part in why I can't have children. Wish me luck and courage!
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    Bariatric choice free $20 & free shipping.

    Do it! They told me it was still going on.
  16. GBFree82

    Bariatric choice free $20 & free shipping.

    I finally got the 20 credit but they had to delete my account and I started over using your email but for whatever reason I couldn't get the free shipping code to work this time. But it doesn't matter I was glad to get the credit. I got some sublingual b12 and chewable iron and a variety pack of protein soups. I'm pre-op now so I'm trying to stock up now. :-) Thank you for the link!!
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    Sounds good. Here's another
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    There is a sticky that was started for free samples too. I think I'm the only one to post in it so far but it would be nice too keep these all in one place. Thanks for the links! I just ordered mine.
  19. GBFree82

    A sticky suggestion

    Bariatric Choice offers a free sample. http://www.bariatricchoice.com/samples
  20. GBFree82

    Bariatric choice free $20 & free shipping.

    I used two different emails but neither got the credit. Oh well.
  21. GBFree82

    Bariatric choice free $20 & free shipping.

    I don't think it's going on anymore. I signed up and got no credits at all.
  22. GBFree82

    How old...

    Thanks everyone! I know ppl are having babies later in life but I want to still be active and healthy and live long years with my children as they become adults and have their own babies. Hence the sleeve surgery I will be having in August.