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    Awwww Come On !

    I also have small veins that like to roll when they try to get a needle in there. We have found that if they use a pediatric needle things tend to be a whole lot smoother and a lot less painful.
  2. GBFree82

    Hospital Pre-Op Done!

    An hour! Wow! I was told my pre-op meeting would be 4 hours at least! Either way in excited! I start my two P shakes a day and a good dinner on Saturday. Good luck to you!
  3. GBFree82

    Hospital Pre-Op Done!

    So what happens at the pre-op? Mine is aug 1 and I've been wondering.
  4. Have you all heard about that parasite being transmitted through Water? It's in most of the middle states already. CNN reported that it can last for weeks! Being so close to my surgery date (aug 5) I'm concerned about getting sick!! Thankfully I work part time (two days a week) and don't have to leave my house that often. I will be using LOTS of hand sanitizer and Lysol when I am at work though! Am I just over reacting?
  5. Was he deployed with the military? He could have PTSD, it's common for guys to come home and not be very sexually active.
  6. GBFree82

    Muscle cramps

    You might check your shoes too. Are they newer or are they worn out and not giving you support? You could try a banana but I've not had success with them, in fact I GET leg cramps when I eat fresh bananas.
  7. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    I've never been thin, I remember being 216lbs in 8th grade :-/ I lost 50lbs a few years ago using the metabolic research center but then gained it back when I stopped going. I was very nervous to tell my BFFs just cause I really wanted their support and nothing negative. I've been blessed with amazing ppl who stand by me no matter what. I hope your insurance goes through quickly, I read on here one lady was approved the same day! But all insurance is different so hopefully it won't be too long! Sometimes I get frustrated that our insurance doesn't pay anything for the sleeve but then I'm thankful I don't have to wait. I started all this in may. I don't know how long the refer a friend promo goes on for so you might sign up now and get your credit to save for later. You don't have to order anything. :-) We are really hoping this surgery will solve all our baby making problems. We chose this over IVF. My fertility dr said at my current weight 267, IVF was highly likely to fail. We can't go through that again! He wants me to lose 100lbs ideally before we start again. I'm officially a week and a half away from surgery now. I start my diet on Monday. Then liquids next weekend. I'm so nervous that something is going to happen to derail everything. Have you heard about that stomach bug going around?? I feel like I shouldn't leave the house so I don't get sick!! LOL Have a great day!
  8. GBFree82

    Isopure drinks

    LOL mine too!!
  9. So I'm thinking about putting together a goodie bag for my husband to enjoy while I'm having my surgery on aug 5. I was thinking his fav energy drinks, Snacks, Jerky... What kind of things would your support person have liked while you were in surgery?
  10. GBFree82

    Putting together a Goodie Bag

    I didn't think about the nurses! Great idea!
  11. GBFree82

    Isopure drinks

    Oh no! I was afraid to buy a case because of that. I found that my local GNC sold them individually.
  12. GBFree82

    Isopure drinks

    Which have you tried? We tested the pineapple banana orange and it was ok to drink. I felt like it left a little bit of film in my mouth but I could handle that. I have grape and the punch one in the fridge to try later too.
  13. This has to be the slowest two weeks ever!! Aug 5 seems so far away lol!
  14. Is there not an all in one website where you can get your nectar, Bariatric Advantage, Isopure, chike, powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury, ect at the same time?? I've been online this morning and had to order from 4 different websites!
  15. GBFree82

    All in One website for Protein?

    I think I found one that has a lot of what I was looking for! http://www.nashuanutrition.com/store/protein-powders/protein-powder-samples-1-serving.html
  16. GBFree82


    Not free, but samples at a pretty good price. http://www.nashuanutrition.com/store/protein-powders/protein-powder-samples-1-serving.html
  17. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    I bought a lot of my Vitamins from BariatricChoice.com if you sign up use my email and we both can get a $20 credit! Ginger.bourquin@gmail.com I got sublingual B12 and chewable Iron for less. And I ordered some sample Protein drinks too. I'm 30, married, no children. Yet. Hopefully. lol I assume by your nickname you have boys? Have you started going to the support group meetings? I figured I wait and go after surgery. So are you telling many ppl about your surgery? I'm only telling my inlaws and my two best friends and my boss. And of course my husband. Other than that, mums the word!
  18. Agreed!! When I had my EGD (EDG?) I thought drinking a full glass of Water the night before would be fine but the next day I couldn't drink anything and my appt got pushed back to that afternoon instead if the morning. When the nurse tried to get the IV in my left arm on the inside of my elbow area she couldn't get in she then tried the back of my left hand and was poking and digging around in there until I just couldn't take it anymore. She went and got a surgical nurse who used a pediatric needle in my right arm about half way down and on the top of my forearm. It all hurt and they said it was bc I was dehydrated. The next day and for almost two weeks I had big nasty looking black purple and yellow bruises in each place. So my advice... Drink your water!! Lots of it!!
  19. GBFree82


    I just got in my free sample from bariatrics advantage! Lots of different vitamin samples in different flavors and sample calcium chews in each flavor and one packet of chocolate protein mix!
  20. I was thinking, if you put your rtd Protein drink in one of those double wall travel mugs no one would be the wiser. I always carry mine around and no one ever asks about it. Something like this, mine is solid though so you can not see through it. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/1/3/tumbler-cups
  21. I think if you feel up to it you should go! You'll be sitting the majority of the time anyway, as for your crop supplies just ask the staff if they would help you carry things inside. I work at a scrapbook store and we always help ppl carry in their items. If you're concerned about bathroom issues just ask if you can have a seat with direct access to the bathroom. I doubt anyone would ask about you only drinking liquids, usually they are too busy cropping and talking to notice. :-) Best of luck to you!
  22. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    Isopure is a liquid Protein drink that taste like Gatorade and has 40g of protein. Check them out at GNC. I plan on doing the BA and unjury drinks but I also have Protein Drinks left over from when I was doing metabolic research center diet. I haven't heard anything good or bad about any of the hospitals. I wanted to go wherever I could get into soonest. So I will be going to nwmc springdale. I am so ready!
  23. GBFree82

    NWA Dr. Roller?

    I have my pre-op meeting with him on August 1st. I've been getting things ready now so I'm good to go when the time comes. I found Isopure at GNC and I've ordered Protein drinks and Soups online and my Vitamins too.
  24. I am going on a three day girls trip in September and I should be in the 6-7 week po range. What foods do you suggest I take? I know I'll be in the soft foods stage and I will have a mini fridge in the hotel. My concern is that we won't always be in the hotel, we will be seeing shows and museums so I need to have stuff I can carry along with me. Thanks for any ideas that you have!
  25. So I just got my first three month lupron injection about 15 minutes ago. It wasn't so bad After I bawled my eyes out. Now I'm just ready for it all to be over. How long was it before you all saw/felt any side affects??