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  1. Thank you!I couldnt figure out to post my pic bigger but I have kept a blog at stusgirl.blogspot.com
  2. This morning I made it to goal , well made it passed goal! From 215 to 134.4 in 7.5 months. I am so thankful to Dr. Illan for my new life. Will figure out how to post pics from my phone..
  3. I started with a BMI of 35.8 and just reached a normal BMI at a little over five months post-op. I started at 215 and am now 148. I thought it would be slower but am very pleased with my results! If I never lost another pound I would still be happy with where I am now. I do not get much exercise in but am planning on stepping it up in that department.
  4. Tiff

    Baja Bariatrics

    Excellent surgeon and care, recovery was a breeze. 3 &1/2 months out and I am 25 pounds from goal! You will not be disappointed with Baja Bariatrics.
  5. Regarding being conned by a photo, rest assured when Dr. Illan emailed me a picture of my photo directly from his ipad he had a pic of me in surgery, then my stomach. My boyfriend checked out the specs and origin of the photo and it was taken during the time I was in surgery no worries about that!
  6. You will be very happy with Dr. Illan and his entire team! I could not be happier with my sleeve. My incisions have healed beautifully and no complications at all. The facebook group is pure proof of all of Dr. Illan's successful, happy, skinnier patients
  7. No I dont have any video links of Dr. Illan. I can only tell you I am so happy with choosing him and his team.
  8. To add to your chart...florence is an actual hospital. Dr. Illan is chief of ER trauma at another hospital. There is a bed for your companion and he includes all meds post op.
  9. I had surgery with Dr. Illan. He provides xrays, and a video of your leak test amd explains it to you as its being done, showing where your stomach used to be and what's left of it. He also provides a pic of your removed stomach. His coordinator Omar is fantastic and can answer any questions you have. I was able to skype with Omar and dr. Illan prior to booking my surgery to ask questions. Dr. Illans page is bajabariatrics.com or our check out our Facebook group Team Illan ..we are all patients of Dr. Illan.. we all have to choose a dr. We feel comfortable with and I couldnt be happier with Dr. Illan.
  10. Thank you for sharing your progress! You are doing great! I also had surgery with Dr. Illan and loved the whole team. I am five weeks post op and down 28 pounds! Great experience for sure.
  11. Healthygal, I am 5 weeks post op with Dr. Illan. I will be happy to answer any questions you have! I could not be happier with my decision to use him. It was such a positive experience. My incisions have healed beautifully. The hospital was clean, the hotel was beautiful, Omar bends over backwards for all your needs, you are sent home with all your records, leak test xray, video of leak test, bandages, antiobiotics, something for a yeast infection just in case you get one from the antibiotics, omeprazole for any acids you have and pain relievers. And if you have any questions once you get home, Omar is a phone call or email away. Hope to see you in the FB group. It is the best way to read first hand all of Dr. Illan's patient's experiences as they go into and out of surgery and on to live their lives with the sleeve. So far Im down 26 pounds and I am never hungry.Hope this helps you out in your decision making!
  12. Thanks for asking! Im doing great! I will be a month post op in a few days and I am down 24 pounds. I can totally see a difference in my clothes, the way I look and the way I feel. I am so happy with my decision! I started with a lower BMI of 35 or 36- so I dont expect to lose as fast as others but I am happy with journey so far. I definitely have a tight sleeve which is something I obsessed over when choosing a doctor. I know I cannot over eat with this sleeve. A few bites of anything and Im done.
  13. I just have to add and confirm that Dr. Illan fraijo and his team were amazing. Im 3 weeks out and down 19 pounds so far. I
  14. Tiff

    Throwing up

    Im two weeks post op and everything I had today keeps coming back up. im afraid of it being a stricture, but could there be another explanation? Even broth is coming back up... Its scary.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I went with the amazing Dr. Illan and it was a great experience. Im very happy with my choice. I will be writing a detailed account when I have some time.

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