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  1. gourmetone

    Veterans....#1 thing you miss / don't miss

    I miss eating out and filling my face to overload and having hamburger juices run down my arm.....oh yea that was just my old fat dream. Now I don;t go out much since I find no fun filling up so fast and watching others over eat. I honestly miss hanging in there to fight over the last cheese filled potato skin. But being in more control requires me to make these changes. And its hard enough. Still working on getting to MY goal.
  2. Had stopped losing weight due to my eating any and everything I wanted. Resulting in a weight gain.

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    2. Theresa64


      I just went through the same thing. I had gained almost 5lbs from the holidays. Now after two days of protein shakes and a lot of eggs, I have lost the 5lbs. Back on track..It is crazy, the weight comes on so FAST.. I have be so aware of intake. I am five months out from the sleeve.

    3. gourmetone


      I thought it was only me talk about swift weight gain. I'm two years out and through several back surgeries and the Holidays WOW can you say 11 pounds. Still in PT, but have just started to log online my meals and had to get a few elliptical machines. So by returning to this awesome site and community I and you WILL get it back together Good Luck to us!!!

    4. Chrystee


      Get yourself together! You can do this.


  3. gourmetone

    Wake up call for all!

    I don't want to live my whole life on a diet and most of the time that's how I feel. But the sleeve did reset my life and I guess this is how most healthy people choose too live...within moderation on food choices
  4. gourmetone

    Easter's Challenge

    Vacation gain 214.8
  5. gourmetone

    Very slow weight loss

    As the weight loss slows use this time to solidify good habits that will follow you for your new life. This is a marathon not a sprint and you need this time of adjustment. Continue doing what you know is beneficial for your health and wellbeing and your goal is attainable.
  6. gourmetone

    NSV shout outs

    NSV shout that I can wear thong sandals because before I was so heavy my weight pushed down on my feet and made them cut the inside of my toe.
  7. gourmetone

    Vegetables after weight loss surgery

    By no means am I criticizing anyone but I notice some of the foods that are being added back to some peoples diet are basic diet No-no°s. At such a early stage of post op honeymoon. I say this because I myself wish I ramped up my weight loss during that time because it really does slow down. The only thing that keeps me going are the good habits I have incorporated. So just a reminder that corn, rice, bread etc...need I say more?
  8. gourmetone

    Welcome Gastric Bypass Veterans!

    Encouraging pic of my journey
  9. gourmetone

    Welcome Gastric Bypass Veterans!

    Having problems with the sweets myself and derailed from exercise at the moment due to newly revealed diagnosis of scoliosis which greatly explains the chronic pain I've had in my back. I had recently joined the YMCA and was doing aqua exercise and really enjoying it then bam!! So now I'm adjusting following Dr. orders. Now back to the sweets. I have to be honest and admit that thru the Holiday I allowed myself to become complacent in my eating. I'm 19 mo post OP and haven't reach my goal YET sw 293 cw 211 my lowest post OP weight was 204 went from size 28 to 18. Now I'm walking around looking at ALL this snow and carbing out. I'm admitting this because I'm ready to make my goal.
  10. gourmetone

    Welcome Gastric Bypass Veterans!

    Hope I'm a vet
  11. gourmetone

    Easter's Challenge

    Add me please Cw211 gw 199
  12. gourmetone

    You know you lost weight when

    When thou fold your underwear in half and NOT three times lol
  13. gourmetone

    You know you lost weight when

    When your considering getting a bathing suit without the skirt/dress because its getting in the way in your pool exercise
  14. Thanks, I feel your passion. Thanks for sharing you're life story

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