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  1. I agree with the milk comment-I had trouble with milk products before surgery, and now I am completely lactose intolerant since I had surgery. That cuts out a lot of your options!! You just have to find what works best for you!! Good luck..
  2. mommaoftwins

    thoughts on pain and pain management

    T3 is Tylenol 3...basically souped up Tylenol
  3. mommaoftwins

    August sleever time us ticking

    I am in the same boat with you. I have a preliminary date scheduled for August 6th, but am still waiting on insurance to approve everything so I can have the surgery done. My nerves are through the ceiling while I wait. Good luck to you on your surgery!! Tammy
  4. I had my last appt today and we are tentative date is Auguest 6, 2013. I am just waiting on insurance approval. I am so ready to go.. Only 3 short weeks to go!! Tammy
  5. i am not going to Mexico but my surgery will be August 20th so we will only be a day apart...good luck!! Tammy
  6. mommaoftwins

    12 days till Surgery!

    I can't wait to be in your shoes..My final appt is last Tuesday and I am so ready to be done with this pre-op diet and just have the procedure done. No more waiting around. Good luck!! Tammy
  7. My insurance also had me on a 6 month pre-operative journey, I guess you would call it! My doc just asked me what diets that I had tried and I just told him a bunch that I had tried before. He didn't ask for any other kind of proof! I think they just want to make sure that you are not just doing this for a cosmetic procedure, because it is meant to be a lifestyle change and not just to look pretty. I hope your doc isn't that picky about the diet thing!! Sucks about your last journey..that would have really made me upset..hope all goes well for you..Tammy
  8. I know that I have already posted, but I can't find my post so I will do it again. You gotta love technology right? lol I am going to my last appointment of 6 months on July 17th and my hubby and I are both being sleeved on August 20th. So I will join you August sleevers!!! I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed, worried, scared, and most of all proud of myself for making the decision to go ahead with the surgery while I am still young and can benefit from weight loss. Good luck to everyone!! Tammy
  9. mommaoftwins

    ☼ 7/30/2013 ☼ My Sleeve Day

    I am hoping that July 30th is going to be my date also..but we will have to wait and see. My last appt is July 17th and then I have to schedule surgery. I want to have it done before the first of August because I am a teacher and don't want to be in pain for the first day of school. Good luck to everyone!!!
  10. Well, I am not sure when my surgery will be for sure. I go for my last doctors appt on July 17th, and then paperwork will be sent into insurance for approval. I am hoping that it will be the end of July or the beginning on August because I am a teacher and I would like to have the procedure before school starts. Like most of us, i am very nervous, but excited at the same time. My husband is also having the procedure done within a couple weeks of myself, so we can support each other and get healthy for our children. Good luck to all !!! Tammy O

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