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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    DeezJeanz got a reaction from ShrinkingMama in 11 months post op & down 125lbs!   
    I was just browsing random pics and yours came up, ur absolutely beautiful, gr8j!! Which surgery did you have? Im preop for sleeve. Gl and gurl you look amazing:) did you have any plastics or surgery for skin removal? If its too personal, no worries, i was just wondering.
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    DeezJeanz got a reaction from MsFab1988 in ONE YEAR DIFFERENCE   
    You look wonderful and so happy!! You must be pretty tall b/c even in some of the higher weights, your image looked stunning. Im a shorty, so anything over 140 and I look like pretty pudgy and you can imagine that image cuz now im 240:(( But im looking forward to the meeting to learn more and be considered for surgery. Oh, If you got married, Congrats!! And most of all, May God truly continue Blessing it:)