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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. You look terrific girl!!! Thanks for sharing your pics.
  2. Georgiagirl27

    My success story

    You look amazing and so happy!!congratulations.
  3. Georgiagirl27

    Dumb question:

    I use a straw all the time and it hasn't bothered me . I had surgery 18 months ago and I'm maintaining a 100 pound weight loss.
  4. Georgiagirl27

    Sleeve at a 36.6 BMI

    My BMI was 35 when I had my surgery. I weighed 230 and I'm 5'8. I was about a size 16/18. I lost 23 pounds my first month and each month after that I lost around 10 pounds. I reached my goal in ten months. I weigh 130 and my BMI is 20. I am below my goal weight and have maintained this weight for seven months. I know everyone is different but maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and will lose quickly . The most important thing to me was not how quickly I lost weight just that I had a steady weight loss. Watching the scale move downward each week is the best feeling in the world !!!
  5. Georgiagirl27

    Still in hospital.

    I am so sorry you are having to go through such a hard time . I'm praying you will be feeling better soon and will start to see a light at the end if the tunnel ????
  6. Georgiagirl27

    Hundred pound weight loss

    So happy for you...what an amazing transformation !!
  7. I never had acid reflux but I started having symptoms immediately after my surgery. I take prescription Prilosec every morning. If I didn't I would be miserable and I'm one year out from surgery.
  8. Georgiagirl27

    5'9 women what was your goal weight?

    I'm 5'8 and my goal weight was 138. I currently go back and forth between 133-135. I am trying to maintain. I don't want to lose anymore weight. I am a size 4 or 6 depending on the cut and style of pants .
  9. Georgiagirl27

    Losing weight ?

    I felt the same way. February 15 will be one year for me!!I I started out weighing 230 pounds. I have lost 95 pounds. I reached my goal of 138 in ten months and now I'm a couple of pounds under goal at 135. You will lose weight and just imagine what you will be posting a year from now!!! Good luck to you.
  10. Georgiagirl27

    Back in the hospital.

    Hoping you get out Friday and that you are doing much better !!!
  11. Georgiagirl27

    2.5 years (30 months) post surgery.....

    You look great and I have to say at least 25 years younger!!!'
  12. Georgiagirl27

    Before and after pictures

    You look fantastic!! Congratulations????

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