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    Exercise TV

    I just found out about exercise TV and I was wondering if anybody else that has U Verse knows what channel it's on or how to access it from on demand Sent from my iPad using VST
  2. Hi Everyone! I had a healthy babygirl in October. I have been breastfeeding and I have gained so much weight POST PARTUM. During my pregnancy I only gained 11 pounds (baby was nearly 6) so really only 5 pounds I was back to prepregnancy weight 5 days after being discharged from the hospiatal. I have since gained 15 pounds. My question is has anyone had a sleeve revision post partum? I am looking for real expectiations before I make an appointment with a surgeon. I am near the end of my breastfeeding journey (not by choice).
  3. XiHoney_Doll3


    How's your progress so far? How do you think you are doing this time around?
  4. XiHoney_Doll3


    I had my original sleeve done June/2013. I lost 90 pounds and I gave birth to my baby girl Oct/2015 I have since gained 50 pounds back total. I went back to my initial surgeon's office and was seen by his PA. I spoke to him about how I wasn't feeling very much restriction and that after doing the 5 day pouch test it was not any better. His solution was phentermine. I followed it and I lost maybe 5-7 pounds but regained as soon as I stopped taking them. I have since spoken with a new bariatric group and the physician is wonderful, he has had me do an upper GI which has allowed him to see that I no longer have a "sleeve". This would explain the feeling of no restriction. He has advised that he would recommend either resleeving me or converting me to RNY. Has anyone been resleeved? What have your results been like? I am not too fond of the idea of RNY for malnutrition/malabsorption issues that I have seen friends dealing with.
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    No he said that I might have had some stretching from the pregnancy but that it probably was not done correctly.
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    How are things going for you? I am playing the waiting game of insurance approval.
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    I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance. All they required was one neutrino class and a psych eval for the revision. I'm from Texas and Dr John Pilcher will be performing my revision. He has also given me the choice between resleeving and rny. I'm not too sure what to do. What is a bougie?
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    Sleeving the sleeve.

    Tasha94! Did you end up being resleeved? I am in the insurance verification stages and I would love to know your progress. Thanks
  9. XiHoney_Doll3

    Sleeving the sleeve.

    Hi whats your progress so far? I am in the insurance verification stages for being resleeved.
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    I myself and in the process of being resleeved. My stomach has stretched to what looks like a a small normal stomach. Let me know what you find out. Or if you want to be resleeved buddies.
  11. XiHoney_Doll3

    How much did you gain?

    Hi Ladies! I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I have gained 11 pounds (4.5 of which are baby). Im so glad to read that many of you felt restriction again after birth. I constantly hungry and Ive been so worried about it. I plan on breastfeeding, this is my first baby so I hope that helps with the weight loss.
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    My Suriversary is coming up

    Thank you TB I will continue to eat right and workout.
  13. And well I just graduated college....I really fell off the weightloss wagon this past semester and so I haven't lost any weight since the beginning of January. I'm stuck at -70 pounds I know by now everyone else has lost over 110 but I haven't and my lack of dedication and letting school consume my life got the better of me. I've been working out since graduation but have not lost any weight. Has anyone else gone through this and how did you get back on the wagon? My surgeon didn't set a goal for me by my one year and I hear from everyone that they meet with their dietitians regularly...mine hasn't contacted me since my post op appointment.
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    Been MIA --Where are my June 2013 sleevers?

    I'll take an invite as well! I believe my FB email is arcastil@uiwtx.edu
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    Pierced My Nipples

    I had always wanted to do it before...and now that I am so confident in myself and with my honey I went and did it friday....I love this new found confidence I have in myself.... I wish I would have done it sooner.
  16. XiHoney_Doll3

    Not sure which BC to use after surgery?

    I use the NuvaRing and I love it....I started it like 2 months before I had surgery. Now every month my period is like clockwork. I start the first tuesday of the month around 12pm and I finish on the first friday around 6pm. Its amazing and I recommend it.
  17. XiHoney_Doll3

    Sex drive

    mine dropped off around three months...but my vitamin levels were low.....now its like I can't get enough even my stamina has increased...you just have to give your body time....believe me you'll make up for it
  18. XiHoney_Doll3

    Before and After Pics

    Wow! Great job! Keep up the amazing work! Thank you!!! I appreciate it!
  19. XiHoney_Doll3

    Been MIA --Where are my June 2013 sleevers?

    That is freaking awesome!! I'm down 64...my weight loss has been slower than I expected BUT its still gone forever.
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    Before and After Pics

    Right is day of surgery last pic with the phone on my face is New years.
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    Before and During

    my progress in photos
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    From the album: Before and During

    © arc

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    Instagram :)

    I'm loving all the new followers!!! xihoney_doll3