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  1. mom2twinsN1

    Does shoe size change?

    wow, this is crazy! i have a ton of slip on flats that i anticipate wont fit me. booo! but also yay! hehe
  2. mom2twinsN1

    November buddies where are you?

    this thread is so long! we should start a group. what's this about a facebook group? i'd like an invite please
  3. mom2twinsN1

    Does shoe size change?

    ok, good to know! thank you!
  4. if youve been out for a few months to a year, does your shoe size change? wierd question i know but just curious
  5. mom2twinsN1

    November buddies where are you?

    I have family in Juneau and Petersburg! Very cool
  6. mom2twinsN1

    November buddies where are you?

    omg, same here! ugh! gag!
  7. mom2twinsN1

    November buddies where are you?

    fellow twin mama here! yay!
  8. mom2twinsN1

    2013 November Sleevers

    Just scheduled today for November 12!!! freaking out!
  9. mom2twinsN1

    November buddies where are you?

    EEEK! mine is scheduled for November 12! I'm in Iowa. I'm freaking out and feeling totally unprepared!
  10. mom2twinsN1

    Bariatric friendly desserts?

    sweets are my biggest fear for after the surgery. i have a major sweet tooth!!!
  11. It was confirmed today in my phone interview that 6 months pre surgery diet exercise is not required. i'm more scared than before. I have my first step to the surgery next tuesday with my RN visit/class and i'm kinda freaking out! This is a good thing but I'm concerned it may come too quickly! btdt?
  12. being asked time and time again when my baby is due. having pain walking very far, embarrassing and causing me to hold back on things i want to do. embarrassed to ride my bike with my huge butt hanging over the sides struggling with basic day to day activites
  13. I have had my paperwork filled out for weeks, months already and I have a blank sheet in my packet that I can put any additional info on it. I hate to leave it blank but what else do I put? If this is what ins uses to determine if I'm going to get it, then I am worried that i need something really good that i cant think of. any suggestions are appreciated.
  14. mom2twinsN1

    What are your long term fitness goals

    I'd like to run for a hobby with my kids and learn yoga.
  15. mom2twinsN1

    before photos 2013

    I am fairly certain that I will be approved for the surgery and in preparation, I'm gathering the most recent offensive photos.

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