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  1. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day...great birthday weekend. @@Suaniya Dr. McCluney is really great. He took care of me for a day or two when I was in the hospital after surgery. I went home initially after surgery but had to be readmitted because I was dry heaving and they were afraid I might pop stitches. Ended up staying an extra 4 days...but it was worth it. I would not change anything about my sleeve. My start to surgery date was about 5 months, but it wasn't because St. E's was slow....I didn't have a lot of vacation time at work and I had some scheduling conflicts. The staff at St. E's are great. I love the NUT David, he is a huge help to me. Valerie at the front desk is awesome too. I can't say enough good things about them. I wish you well on your journey!
  2. It's been a long time since I've been on bariatricpal.com and I've missed it. My life changed drastically on 6/20/2016 when my mother had a large right sided hemorrhagic stroke. My life was the hospital ICU, acute rehab hospital and finally the subacute rehab. She didn't come home until the end of September and then had a setback where her vitals were so low she had to be readmitted to the hospital for 3 days and then do another week at the subacute rehab. She finally came home on 10/2. My stress levels haven't gotten any better since her coming home. I'm thrilled she is home, but she cannot be left alone. This means we have a home health aide for 11 hours a day, from 6AM to 5PM....while I am at work. Medicare and her private health insurance pay for none of it. We've had to modify the house, and stairlifts are also not covered. Luckily mom is a fighter and just turned 67. She had the gastric sleeve in March and thank goodness she lost weight because her stroke recovery would be so much harder for her and me. I like to say she is full of piss and vinegar. She is DETERMINED to walk again and I know she will do it. Unfortunately she's very impatient and I have to remind her of her "gains" even though they may be small, every day. She's done SO WELL since June it really is amazing. In the life of a stroke 4 months isn't a lot and there is so much she can do on her own that I'm amazed. As for me - I had my gastric sleeve surgery in August of 2015. I am SO THANKFUL I did because if I was 295lbs there is no way I would have survived the last four months. I would not have had the stamina or the strength. Weekdays I am up at 5AM and out the door at 6. When I get home I am constantly running around, up and down stairs, etc....trying to get laundry done in between a million other things. Transferring her from the wheelchair to the chair, or the chair to her bed is also serious exercise. On top of it I decided to go back and pursue my bachelors degree. I must be crazy! I had signed up before she had the stroke and I only have 11 classes to get my degree. Luckily I was able to switch to online courses and have already completed one. I had homework due by 11:59PM and it just happened to be on the night she was taken to the ER and I actually logged on from the "cubby" we were in while she was resting. I kid you not, less then 3 feet away from me in the other "cubby" a guy was getting a rectal exam. All that separated me from them was the curtain. I guess you do what you have to do! I submitted the last assignment at 11:45PM. She finally went up to a room around 12:30. My weight has been semi-stable during this time. At first I couldn't eat....just couldn't hold anything down. Then I wanted everything that was bad for me. Then I realized that wasn't making me feel any better so I had better stop. I'm not going to lie, I pretty much existed on decaf iced coffee, egg & cheese on english muffin from Dunkin Donuts, and Protein bars. I know it's not the greatest but it was all I could muster. I was getting up at 5AM and not getting home some nights until 10...and I still had stuff to get done at home. Right now I'm 175. People say I'm thin enough. I have some loose skin on my stomach but it's no so terrible that I can't hide it and I have some loose skin on my thighs and upper arms. It's not enough to make me NOT wear a bathing suit or a sleeveless shirt. I feel good, and clothes fit well. I would like to get down to 165 but if that doesn't happen that's ok too. I'm comfortable where I am. I know if I had skin removal surgery it would probably get me there or close to it. That's probably not in the cards for me right now. Don't know if it will ever be. I see my PCP next Tuesday. I am also going to see a therapist next Wednesday. I had to ask my PCP for something to help me with my anxiety and depression. I have cried every day since 6/20, sometimes several times a day. I know that's not healthy. I'm taking an anti-depressant, but I've only been on it since 10/25...and it takes about a month to come up to it's full effect. I hope it helps. I'm also taking .5mg of clonazepam for the anxiety in the morning and at bedtime. It's not a lot, but it's enough to keep me steady. I hate having to take those medications, but I need them right now. Some day I won't hopefully. I know this is a long post - if you made it this far thanks! The one thing I need to make time for again is my monthly meeting at my bariatric center. I have only been to one meeting and that was in October. It was a celebration of everyone who had done well and had surgery the year before. I wore a lovely black dress and "big girl" shoes. I felt wonderful. I need to make the time to get back to my meetings because they are important and they keep me grounded. I'll figure out a way. Margie
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wonderland is an amazing feeling. You have done soooooo well! You should be very proud.
  4. Well I weighed in this morning. I'm down to 180lbs. I should be delighted, but the only reason I'm down this low is because of my mother's health issues. I really don't have much interest in food, I'm eating just to stay healthy and survive and be there for her in her time of need. The hospital she is in right now, while excellent for her rehab, stinks in the food department. They do stock decent coffee (a must!) and a variety of Protein bars. My goal is still 165lbs...so 15lbs to go. I have a Protein shake for Breakfast. There wasn't anything to pack for lunch but I'm working downtown I can hit Whole Foods for a salad with some protein. 1 year surgiversary is coming up on 8/17. My appointment with the NUT and my surgeon is scheduled for 8/23. Six weeks til the big day. Hopefully by that time mom has made some serious progress with her rehab and is walking. That would be the biggest joy I could have.
  5. @@Christinamo7 I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your dad. You said ... "I just do not really "want to" anything - and that is probably normal right now." I feel the same way. I have been dealing with a health issue for my mom and I don't want to do anything either. I feel dull. I feel flat. I cry every day. On 6/20 I came home to find her on the floor in the midst of a stroke. I could have lost her. Right now she is in Rehab and has a very long recovery ahead of her. I don't even want to imagine if it had been worse. I am really just so sorry for your loss......I hope that you are able to stay healthy and be comforted by the friends and family that surround you.
  6. Start weight 188.4lbs - GOAL weight - 183lbs.
  7. Margie122


    Way to go! Best of luck to you on your journey. Keep up the good habits you've developed now and surgery will easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  8. Margie122

    So angry I need to relax.

    RobertD16 - Sending well wishes your way. The liquid diet is tough but you can do it. Best of luck to you DON'T GIVE UP!
  9. Margie122

    Please help...

    Hi, I am 5'10" and at my heaviest was 295lbs. I'm now 187lbs. I had surgery on 8/17. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. Was it easy? No. It required some serious lifestyle changes but it was SO worth it. Unfortunately I had some complications (reaction to anesthesia) and ended up back in the hospital for 4 additional days. I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN in a heartbeat. I am so much more active and am really enjoying life and all the things I can do now that I couldn't before. I would encourage you to read as many books about the sleeve surgery as you can. I highly recommend the following: 1) The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients 2) The Sleeved Life 3) The Big Book of Gastric Sleeve I also encourage you to read these boards Best of luck!
  10. I have a Tanita digital scale that weighs to .2lbs. It's very reliable and I didn't pay more than $45 bucks for it. I always way at the same time, MONDAY MORNING, after my "morning ritual" and I usually hop on/off at least 2-3 times to make sure that was really my weight. AND I'm "ONLY" 13 stone 5lbs.....if that makes any sense at all!
  11. Margie122

    Cheese Please

    All I had to do was see the word "CHEESE" in this thread and I was hooked. This is my favorite place to buy cheese.....check it out, it's awesome! I highly recommend the aged cheddar. Muy magnifico!!! http://harmanscheese.com/
  12. I'm in ! Thanks for taking over...I find these "challenge" threads really do hold me accountable and if I fall off track....I get back on.
  13. Margie122

    Today is the day!

    Best of luck! Let us know how your recovery goes.

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