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    My 600 pound life

    I watched that episode in utter amazement as well..I'm 3 weeks out from surgery.what I'm really confused by is how she was eating all that food??im a big guy and loved food...but I can barely eat a cup of anything.im on purée sand it's a bit rough.how was she not throwing up?did she just stretch the sleeve very quickly ?its really crazy.so very upsetting and sad especially for the child.
  2. jewintheridge

    Great Food Products!

    I just found these amazing frozen fruit bars called Outshine..they are 70 calories each and have flavored like grape,pineapple and lime..they are absolutely delicious!
  3. jewintheridge

    If You Made It to Goal...

    The pore op diet is tough because you still have that big stomach and all the hormones in your body that want you to eat..I struggled through it and lost 15 pounds.it was rough but far from the worst thing that's ever happened to me.after the surgery everything changed.even though your still on liquids and it's boring you just can't handle as much anymore.you will get fuller faster.when you move on to puréed foods it's even more different.dont think about it so much.i am thrilled with my weight loss so far and love the restriction.feels like freedom.
  4. I feel great to..I was sleeved on New Year's Eve at NYU medical center..had an amazing surgeon and staff.went home the following day.gas pain was a little rough over night but dissipated quickly over the next day..down 26 pounds in the 2 weeks since surgery.i feel amazing and actually don't feel like anything has happened.just started purée foods and haven't had any issues..just have to listen to my body..ate a little to much of something and felt way too full.i keep reading about all the problems people have had afte the surgery and feel soo lucky.i am more positive and optimistic then I have been in a few years..happy you are doing well.keep up the good work.dont feel guilty about feeling great..I know a few people who are just like us.we are humans not machines.everyone is different .stay healthy..best of luck
  5. jewintheridge

    To tell or not to tell?

    I have told everyone...I'm not ashamed of it at all but I completely understand the fear.obesity is views by most as a choice.we are just lazy over indulgent people that can't put down the food.i believe it is far more then that.i believe these surgeries are an important boundary for us.people are going to judge you either way.we know how hard this journey is .im post op a week and still on liquids..I have several more weeks before I can eat anything solid..we have to completely modify the way we treat and use food now the rest of our lives.most people don't understand and don't care to understand it.it makes them feel better to just judge.you made the right decision with this surgery and can hold your head held high.its ultimately your decision who you tell but try to let go what others will feel about it.they don't live your life,pay your bills or anything else.we are all great,wonderful,strong and incredibly courageous people to make this journey.believe it!!!!best of luck.
  6. jewintheridge

    surgery heebie jeebies

    Hey doubts and fear are common and good to have..there is risk with any surgery..I just had my sleeve done on 12/31. It's been a week and I feel great.im positive that this is the best thing I can do for a brighter and healthier future.do you see a therapist?i know talking about all of this once a week feels great.i was seating bullets just before I went into the operating room.lying on that table I started thinking all sorts of crazy stuff.luckily I had an amazing surgeon who said and did all the right things to put me at ease.ask lots of questions.these forums can be a bit much with so many opinions.think of the reasons why you need this surgery.you will be great.we are human not machines.everyone goes through surgery differently but you'll do great.good luck!
  7. I worried the same thing and went back and forth in my mind about that whole idea..what if I lost a lot of weigh like I have done before?would they then deny me the surgery since I was doing so well?seemed like a catch 22.in the end it didn't matter I stayed pretty even and was approved for the surgery most likely because I had 3 co morbidities.
  8. jewintheridge


    I was sleeved at NYU by Dr Ren and that was my biggest fear as well..it was the first thing I asked when I saw her before surgery..she said because of my age and that I was fairly healthy she didn't see it necessary..typically she does it in older men or men that she feels would have trouble passing urine after the surgery..if of any reason they say they have to do it make sure they will do it once your under.it is very uncomfortable from what I hear...you'll be fine and love your new sleeve..I love mine which was just done on 12/31 down 31 pounds since pre op diet!
  9. jewintheridge

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Happy new year to me...had the best experience at NYU medical center..Dr Ren is a true professional.i was sleeved on 12/31 around noon..procedure took about an hour and a half.no complications.leek test was perfect.spent only one night in hospital.gas pain was pretty rough the first night but has subsided greatly.been sleeping a lot.had a bit of very thin tomato soup a little while ago and got full very quickly.sucks to sleep on my back but the stitches should heal within a few weeks.very optimistic about this surgery.the pain meds they gave are wonderful lol....looking forward to a happy and very healthy new year...cheers everyone!
  10. My surgery is scheduled on dec 31st..Happy New Year to me.originally I was going to be a self pay in Mexico but my job finally gave me health insurance(I work at a restaurant that's nota chain so it's fairly common to not be covered)I jumped through all the health insurance hoops and actually got approved fairly quickly.i started my pre op 2 week liquid diet over a week ago and have struggled greatly with it..I have cheated 3 times so far.strangely I have still lost 12 pounds so far.my question is..am I screwed?will I get to the hospital and they will some how know I cheated and won't perform the surgery???i need this surgery..I need to get healthier and want a long life.this was the first holidays in 26 years I wasn't with family.it was very lonely.its no excuse for eating though.its amazing the battle you have with your mind...
  11. jewintheridge

    Im a cheater...am i screwed?

    Well that's my cross to bare if that happens..I have lost 15 pounds so far.im being very careful the next few days till my surgery.im not a typical American I take full responsibility for my actions..I understood what the 2 weeks were for.ill hope for the best.if for some reason they can't perform the surgery then I'll have a lot more time for reflection.ill just stay positive and calm.no sense making myself sick with worry.
  12. jewintheridge

    Im a cheater...am i screwed?

    Thank you all for weighing in...I wouldn't know what I would do if I got there and they told me they won't do the procedure or worse yet they opened me up and closed me up without performing the procedure.i have already told all my friends and family I am doing this.i think I would have to move to a different city if this fell through over something crazy like French fries!i have 4 days left.i will get through them the best I can.i have spent a whole year reading and watching videos about this surgery.thsi isn't something I am taking lightly.i understand all the good ,bad and ugly.i appreciate all of your complete honesty.its annoying but needed lol...Happy New Year everyone.
  13. jewintheridge

    I don't own a scale!

    Probably smart not to own a scale..I have one and I know the last time I lost weight I was a slave to the scale..every pound lost or gained became a huge thing..wait till your check ups with your doctors..let your clothes be a guide.
  14. jewintheridge

    Starving on this 2 week liquid

    I'm on a 2 week pre op liquid diet as well..getting sleeved dec 31st..happy new year to me.the first two days I had a headache.they allow a small amount of vegetables and sugar free jello thank god or I think I'd kill someone.i seem to have real bad moments where I'm sad or angry about not eating.i work in a restaurant so that doesn't help either.im going into day 5...the protein shakes are disgusting and are a very poor substitute for food.i just keep reminding myself how life will be without this added weight..the gift of extra life.of being happier and healthier.it helps...it doesn't mean I don't want to eat my weight in pizza it just means I see a bigger picture.thank god for my therapist.in the whole scheme of things these two weeks are just a blip in your timeline..think how fast time usually goes.we will be sleeved and skinny in no time.we will barely remember this time as awful..
  15. jewintheridge

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Insurance approved yesterday...surgery scheduled for Dec 31st.Happy New Year to me.started liquid diet today.NYU Langone wants 2 weeks of pre op diet...yikes!we shall see how this goes.looking forward to starting the new yeara new person.the insurance hurdles weren't really rough just took 6months.pre op tests this Thursday..EKG and other stuff.best of luck to everyone.
  16. jewintheridge

    Help with decision!:)

    I have my sleeve surgery scheduled for the 20th of June...I chose sleeve over band for 2 reasons..1..I didn't want to think of this as something I can undo once it's put on...I need a permanent boundary..2..the elimination of that hormone ghrelin.my friend who had the sleeve done in Jan says he just never feels Hungary..he's not suffering with cravings.everyone is different but for the most part I'm reading a lot of positive outcomes from this surgery..best of luck;)
  17. It really depends..I lost a huge amount of weight a bunch of yeas back and didnt develop gall stones.but it is typical for those that do lose weight quickly..you should talk to your primary care doctor.
  18. jewintheridge

    Eating around other people

    I have told almost everyone in my life...i feel it will save me time afterwards trying to explain people how I'm losing weight so quickly(fingers crossed)I'm getting to old to worry who will say what about what I'm eating.if someone has that much of a problem or can't handle that I don't want to shovel it down anymore then they can spend time with someone else.im doing this surgery for me.im doing this so I can live another 40 plus years..so I can date,go upstairs,wear normal sized clothes and travel on an airplane without a seat belt extender.the idea that I'm gonna be embarrassed or made to feel bad about eating small portions in front of other people is nuts.i played around with the idea of telling no one.its just not me.
  19. jewintheridge

    Need guidance. VSG to DS ?

    Could someone tell me what RNY or DS is I'm getting confused by all the abbreviations lol
  20. jewintheridge

    To Each His Own.....Actress Mo'Nique Loses 80 lbs

    I lost nearly 200 lbs on weight watchers 6 years ago and gained it all back and then some...I said the same things she did..telling people that surgery was the easy way out...well now that I'm a bout to have the sleeve and reading about what I need to do before and after and for the rest of my life I can say there is no "easy"way out.im having the majority of my stomach removed!!!how is that easy??i don't wish anyone ill will.i need a boundary bigger then counting points in my life.i wish that wasn't the case.dont me mad at Monique.she just doesn't know what the rest of her life will look like yet...those of us that have lost weight and gained it back know the torment.we are just trying to save our lives.
  21. jewintheridge

    New to the Forum

    I am scheduled to be sleeved June 20th..excitement mixed with nerves..at 6'4 and 400 lbs I'm more then ready to change my life.the only thing I am most worried about is getting through the 5 days of the liquid diet.i love sugar free jello but not sure i can exist on that and sugar free pops and broth...I am certainly going to try my best..I am self paying in Mexico.my friend went to the same clinic I am going to and he says it's the best thing that he has ever done..he's down almost 80 lbs since jan.this app has been very helpful..I'm really glad there is a space just for men too...we really do lose weight and deal with pain far differently then women do I believe.if anyone has any suggestions on getting through the liquid only few days it would be helpful.i can't wait to start the second part of my life.
  22. jewintheridge

    June surgery dates

    I'm going to Mexico June 19th and getting sleeved on the 20th...I'm soo excited..can't wait to start a new part of my life!