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  1. Sydney Susan

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    I will try to be there - city is a bit more tricky for me than the burbs but I realise it's nice and central so best all round. I'm coming from Northern suburbs (North Ryde) - if it's only me going ill take the train but if anyone wants a lift and is happy to share parking costs I'll drive. Just PM me.
  2. Sydney Susan

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Seems good to me - pencilled in for either day.
  3. Sydney Susan

    Hot Flashes/cold

    I'm relieved to have found this thread - I've lost more than 25% of my body weight (most of it some months ago now), and am having a shocking time with hot flushes/flashes. Many each day. I've also got a chronic (slow growing) cancer, and hot flushes can be a sign the cancer is getting more active, and I came back to this thread in the hope of finding posts like these.... As I too had heard fat cells store oestrogen, so it seems to me a lessening of my fat deposits would further reduce my post-menopausal hormone levels (and I had a lot of hot flushes when I first went through menopause 7 years ago, following a radical hysterectomy). Once again you folks have helped me hang on to the thin thread of my sanity... Thank you! PS: I will mention it to my Dr too.
  4. Sydney Susan

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Sueoco said: I think it is nearly time for another Sydney Siders get together - Kelli - when did you say you would be in Sydney? Hope you can make it Aussie girl and Susan? All welcome of course! Count me in Sue!
  5. This is your 5th day post-op, right? Don't try to run before you can walk! I was still on Clear liquids then with not a thought of Protein in my head. scale back a bit, focus on keeping your fluids up and let your swollen tummy heal. Dumping syndrome - to me at least - is a shakey and nauseous feeling that comes from eating certain sweet tasting foods - choc Protein shakes do it to me every time, but so far nothing else has. I'm sure you can get "natural" or unflavoured Protein powder to add to Soups and shakes, but I'd leave that for a week and focus on clear soups for now. Good luck.
  6. Sydney Susan

    TMI, bowel movements

    They help with rectal problems rather than the whole of your gut, so may not give full relief. But girls of a certain age (read post-partum and post menopausal) need to take care of that part of their body, so it's a good investment.
  7. I was sleeved in April. You really will feel a little better each and every day and before you know it, all is "normal" again. Have faith in your own resilience and that thousands have trod this same road before you. Good luck.
  8. Great news Niki. Addisons is known for causing digestive problems (as it impacts on muscle tissue it affects peristalsis that moves food through your intestinal tract AND as it affects Fluid balance it affects the make up of digestive enzymes), so you probably had a few things going on there. Did you realise your Addison's puts you in interesting company? JFK, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Helen Reddy and Osama Bin Laden are either confirmed or believed to have had it.
  9. Sydney Susan

    Addiction to Diet Coke and Coffee is GONE!

    I was never given any restrictions on coffee. I'd kiss goodbye to all carbonated drinks - 9 months since I had any and except on the hottest of days I don't miss them at all now. Super cold water and low cal iced tea or cordial do the trick.
  10. Sydney Susan

    Attention ! Australian Sleevers

    Hi folks. I haven't been posting so much lately but read this thread every day. Welcome to the newbies and congrats to all on their weight loss. Sue, you look b#%^*y fantastic! I'm still struggling with the same last 5 kilos - I could do more and need to get to it. My thyroid is still all over the place and that's frustrating. On my birthday earlier this month it was confirmed that I have a chronic leukemia - chronic means I'm not about to pop off anytime soon but still the thought of tough times ahead greatly depressed me and I'm only just coming out of that particular funk now. I also have 4 liver lesions that have been under investigation for a while and drs at last concluded these are benign (hooray) with possible pre-cancerous potential (boo!) and need to be cut out (double boo!). But they are deep in my liver and the op would be horrendous so for now I'm having 6 monthly scans and "watching and waiting". What a few months its been! So here I am staring down my possible third cancer in 7 years and thinking that all those diet soft drinks I indulged in over the years may not have been the best for me. Anyway, I'm in a treatment lull for now and looking forward to going away to the beach soon WITH my swimsuit, for a change. I'll try to attach a couple of photos - the first is not me at my highest by any means (and it's a horrible pic). I can't locate one of me at my worst. The second is me last Friday, going out to dinner. See how I go...
  11. Sydney Susan

    Feeling like a faliure...

    I too think your intake (calories) is a little high - I need to be 800 or less to lose weight and a lot on these forums have said similar low amounts. Also, you should be feeling restriction, particularly with dense protein - roast chicken breast is a good example. Some foods go down more easily, which is why most drs and nutritionists say protein first and make jt the lean, dense kind. Sadly some foods do need to be avoided - starchy carbs - sleeve or no sleeve. There are folks who want to eat the "same as before but smaller portion size"... While I certainly get that, my own experience has been greater/quicker hunger, higher calorie intake and less weight loss with breads and cereals in my diet. Record what you're eating and make your 60g plus protein only of the lean, dense kind and see how that affects you. Good luck.
  12. Sydney Susan

    No loss in 1 yr

    It sounds like you have a few issues to address. Firstly, you seem to have doubts about how well your op was done - NO food restrictions! Wow. I would be getting an independent medical review that ends with confirming your sleeve was done appropriately - or not - in regard to size/volume. Once that is confirmed, get an endocrine system full check - I'm particularly thinking of your thyroid function. Underactive thyroid is very common, and should be excluded. Even "subclinical" results (normal, but only just) can cause many symptoms like full blown thyroid dysfunction, including weight gain. Finally (or perhaps first), are you recording your diet? Many, many people on this forum will tell you they need to eat less than 1000 cal per day, low fat, low carb and zero alcohol in order to lose weight. With such a limited outcome over a year (unless you didn't have much to lose in the first place) you need to be systematic - and diligent - to get to the bottom of this. Good luck.
  13. Sydney Susan

    Question About Epidural And Catheter

    I've never heard of an epidural being used for VSG, and I would think that anything that is likely to induce violent vomitting is to be avoided. Never had a catheter either... was up quite quickly, used a commode chair once and then walked to the loo with a little help.
  14. Some days my reflux is worse than prior, some days better. Other than this, it has been easier than I dared to imagine. All feels very "natural" to me (small portions, slower eating, less carbs). Also, my thyroid packed in after 2 months but is was dodgy before... If you have anything like that monitor closely as surgery is a stress on your body - I waited 3 months to get tests done, and that was a silly waste of time. Even so, I've lost 27 kg and am 5kg from my goal... And I feel soooo much better.
  15. Sydney Susan

    Nausea, Anyone?

    Reflux can do this, I agree. An over the counter product will let you work out if you respond to anti reflux meds, but a prescription med is best.