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  1. Now FYI I'm way too early in postop to even consider cheating on my diet. Just curious though, say I wanted to sip some diet coke in the future, is it as bad as everyone makes it out to be? The whole carbonation irritating the stomach deal?
  2. Yes or no? I've wanted some for a few days but too afraid to try it.
  3. BrittNicole


    I was sleeved on June 11th. Has anyone else tried spaghetti this soon? I've been craving this for days
  4. I'm having surgery Tuesday (so excited!!!) and was kind of wanting to have a 'celebration drink' tonight. Only one of course, but I'm afraid to. Anybody else in the same boat?
  5. It has definitely turned into a chore. I hate eating anything anymore because it seems like nothing agrees with my stomach. But I'd rather have this attitude towards food than the one I had before.
  6. BrittNicole

    Shirt i used to know

  7. BrittNicole

    Let's talk GAS!

    This is something I'd like to know also. I'm 2 and a half weeks out and still have awful problems with gas. It feels like I'm getting air trapped in my chest and I can't burp and it hurts! I'm taking prilosec (also getting terrible heartburn), zofran and gas x and I walk everyday. I eat slowly and take small bites but still have problems. I don't get it.
  8. BrittNicole

    what are u craving?

    Some cheeseburgers from white castle!!! Sounds delicious
  9. BrittNicole

    Gas Pains

    I'm not gonna lie, gas pains for me were terrible. Every time I would take a drink of anything my chest would get so tight and I'd start freaking out but after a few minutes I'd burp and be fine. My doc let me take prilosec for gas and I walked all the time to try and get rid of it. Everyone's different though, hopefully it won't be so bad for you.
  10. BrittNicole

    boobs are getting smaller already :-(

    I've noticed mine are starting to get looser also. I don't want to lose them though. When that's the one thing you're only ever complimented on, you start to appreciate what ya have! But hey I'd rather be flat chested than morbidly obese.
  11. These past couple days whenever I take a drink of ice water it makes me so nauseous and I end up puking. Anyone had this problem?
  12. BrittNicole

    BCBS Comorbidity Requirements

    I was approved through bcbs but I had a larger bmi of 41. My comorbidities were hypertension, migraines, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  13. BrittNicole

    Sleeved yesterday!

    Glad to hear it! Hope you continue feeling so good!
  14. BrittNicole

    Feel like a failure :(

    If it makes you feel better I had a chicken quesadilla on my preop diet. But then I immediately felt awful about it. The preop diet is hard for anyone to follow. Just keep your head in the game and stay focused, it will all be worth it in the end
  15. Good luck to you! My recovery room experience wasn't bad except my right side was tremendously sore, but nothing some strong pain meds couldn't help. Hope everything goes well
  16. BrittNicole

    problems with water

    Good idea thanks
  17. Good for you! Congratulations
  18. BrittNicole


    Thank you for all the kind words, it really cheered me up. I appreciate it so much I'm glad other people understand what I'm going through.
  19. BrittNicole


    I'm feeling like I've made a mistake. I've been miserable ever since I left the hospital Wednesday. I can't keep anything down in having the worst gas pains in my chest I constantly feel like I'm going to puke. I sleep with the trash can next to me because I am always so nauseous. It hurts so bad to get in and out of bed that I usually just lay on the couch. I can't even hold my baby anymore because he weighs too much. I wish there was a reset button, I'm so sick of waking up miserable. I feel like this was the biggest mistake.
  20. BrittNicole


    Even drinking water makes me sick to my stomach! And I'm supposed to be drinking so many ounces a day? Not happening
  21. Hey guys I need some advice. I just got home from the hospital last night and I have got the absolute worst case of heartburn ever. I had it all throughout my pregnancy and this heartburn doesn't even compare to that. This is awful and usually I would take some Pepto bismol but not sure about now. Anyone have good advice? Thanks
  22. I feel your pain! I was just released Wednesday evening and I feel miserable. I start gagging even after drinking a sip of water. It hurts my stomach so bad to get in and out of bed it feels terrible. I puked twice yesterday trying to take my liquid pain medicine (which smells and tastes worse than cough syrup) and boy did that hurt! I'm in so much pain and everytime I drink anything I get sick and get awful heartburn. I'm really hoping this gets easier soon cuz all I feel right now is regret.
  23. I am feeling a hundred different emotions right now. Nervous happy scared excited anxious grateful etc. I can't believe the day is finally here! I'm so ready to start this new journey to a healthier me for my family and I. Gotta run a couple quick errands then I'll be hospital bound.
  24. BrittNicole

    Today's my day!

    Quick question, anyone know how long I'm supposed to wait to take a shower? I've asked my surgeon and nurses hundreds of questions the past two days but forgot to ask about showering.
  25. BrittNicole

    Today's my day!

    Thanks for your support guys! I just got home about an hour ago and I've never been so sore in my life. But I know its gonna be so worth it later on

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