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  1. Hwynbrwneyes


    Had mine on Tuesday as well. Still in a ton of pain mostly on my rt side. I really hope I'm ready to go back to work on the 13th. I can't afford not to go back. Good luck , keep in touch
  2. Hwynbrwneyes

    Luquid Diet Survival: Suggestions?

    I am on my last day of liquids and I have surgery tomorrow. I have been doing sugar free jello, sugar free popsicle's, flavored water mix, diet juices that you dilute 1/2 and 1/2. homemade chicken noodle soup broth ( so much better than store bought) for a sugar craving I have been using sugar free dessert gum. hope that helps a little Good Luck!
  3. Hi guys I am in Washington also. Getting sleeved tomorrow & I've been excited the entire time however, I am starting to freak out a little I know everything will be fine. I need to stop reading some of the forums in here where they are talking about problems and issues some have had after surgery but, I am a little obsessed with this site & you tube videos. I hope everyone does well, please keep us updated
  4. I'm in Washington state, good luck & keep us posted
  5. Hwynbrwneyes

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    good luck to you as well
  6. We should all definitely keep in touch and share updates! Where is everyone from?
  7. Hwynbrwneyes

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    Hi guys I'm in Gig Harbor and having surgery on Tuesday
  8. Getting sleeved Tuesday Excited & scared at the same time
  9. Hwynbrwneyes

    Any March Sleevers?

    So the Facebook page.... It's secret so nobody on your friends list will know?? If so, please add me hwynbrwneyes@gmail.com
  10. Hwynbrwneyes


    Why are you still in the hospital? I hope everything gets better for you, please keep us updated
  11. Hwynbrwneyes

    the final countdown...

    Good luck to you, keep in touch & let us know how it goes
  12. Hwynbrwneyes

    the final countdown...

    So excited for you, I go Tuesday
  13. Hwynbrwneyes

    3 month update with pic

    you look great! I can't wait, I get sleeved on Tuesday
  14. Hwynbrwneyes


    Please add me, I have surgery on the 30th! hwynbrwneyes@gmail.com or my name is Malia Rosario... Thanks
  15. Hwynbrwneyes

    April 29

    Hi Everyone I have my surgery on the 30th and I'm really excited! I have been on the clear liquid diet for exactly1 week and today I am feeling very blah & nauseous so needless to say I have only taken a bath and put new sweats & tank on. I am super fatigued and foggy headed also. I just keep telling myself it will get better very soon I have just learned about all the you tube video's people who share their experiences and what they've done on their journey. I am totally Addicted to watching them...is anyone else like that or am I the only weirdo?!

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