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  1. My surgery was on 10/7/13. I started at 380 lbs; now I'm 227. I have maintained my weight within 2 lbs for about 3 months now.
  2. Checking in. Started at 380. Sleeved 10/7/13. Currently at 258, down 122. Hope to make another 50 lbs or so.
  3. I started at 380. Surgery on 10/7/13. Currently at 258. 122 down and 48 to go.
  4. Okay, I think it working now. Please try it again.
  5. Crud. Give me a minute and let me see if I can figure this out. Thanks for letting me know. They open up to a large size for me.
  6. I've had these pictures since my surgery on Oct. 7, 2013; I just never got around to posting them. Thought someone might like to see them. I asked Dr. Jeffrey Hannon if he would take a before and after of the stomach itself during surgery. He said, "Sure, I'll stick my iPhone in there and snap a couple!" Funny. This is the stomach (the very large pink organ) as he found it at the beginning of the procedure. This is the stomach after the procedure. Very small, makes sense that it will only hold a few ounces. This is the portion of the stomach that has been cut out, waiting to be extracted through the belly button. Dr. Hannon just laid it back over the area it had been in to give a sense of how much was being removed. The yellowish tissue is fat. Yeah. Ugh.
  7. Checking in: HW: 380 SW:360 SD: 10/07/13 CW: 285 WL: 75 lbs TWL: 95 lbs
  8. Checking in: HW: 380 SW:360 SD: 10/07/13 CW: 285 WL: 75 lbs TWL: 95 lbs
  9. Neal

    Protein Rating Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the research. Gives me a good starting point to see what works for me.
  10. Sleeved 10/7 Starting weight 380 Operation day 361 Current weight 334 Haven't had any issues with Water or nausea. I have overeaten twice by not measuring my food. That will never happen again. It hurt so bad. Starting to feel really good though.
  11. Neal

    One year.101lbs down!

    Congratulations, you look great! I like reading success stories like yours. Gives me hope.
  12. Neal

    Hi! 6 days post op! :)

    I was also sleeved on 10/7 and am doing well. I wasn't allow anything to drink for 24 hours after the surgery, so on 10/8, when I got some water to sip, I threw it right back up. Only it didn't look the same as the stuff going down. It was pretty gross looking. Only happened twice and then I could sip with no issues. The gas pains were pretty intense until the night of the 9th. I went to bed and woke up around 2 or 3 am, and was expelling gas pretty good. I only have soreness around my belly button now where they repaired a hernia and pulled my stomach through. I also have a desk job, but my wife, who is a nurse, is insistent that I not go back yet. She (and my doctor) says one week isn't enough time for the healing to be done. I went to Sunday morning meeting yesterday and was gone a couple of hours total. After my shower and getting dressed, I was exhausted. But I wanted to go anyway. By the time I got home, it was all I could do to undress and fall in bed. I slept 2.5 hours. This morning, I still feel good. Down 30 lbs total; 20 lbs before surgery on liquid diet and 10 lbs since the surgery.
  13. Neal

    I Am Doing it

    I'm scheduled for October 7th also. I can't wait!

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