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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. hopester73

    Foods that make you poop...

    I had not gone in a week in a half I got dill pickel juice from the jar added one cup dill juice one cup Water waited half an hour stayed on the toilet for more than 2 hours seriously
  2. hopester73

    How long was your hospital stay?

    I was out within 48 hours my doc keeps u for 2 days till u pass the leak test
  3. I was sleeved in Mexico with a couple friends of mine we all have the same problem I was sleeved on April 23 I can't hold anything down at all Popsicles that's all seriously I've seen 2 doctors and they both say I had a wonderful surgeon but I get grossed out big time with whatever I try I am not overwatering I can't even eat 2 tablespoons of anything
  4. Yes I would I wouldn't pay to be treated like **** and if you have those concerns about treatment definitely switch
  5. hopester73

    Post op itching

    Did any of u that itch have ur surgery in mexico
  6. hopester73

    Post op itching

    I had a bad itching problem
  7. I got sleeved in April 22 no morphine told them I didn't want any cuz when I awoke a nurse came in with a syringe and put some in my iv I was so sick and pissed I yanked the iv out cuz I didn't trust the b***h I was just fine my other two friends did the same and we were fine this one lady kept getting the morphine so she was too dizzy to walk was puking and all put of it from not walking she developed a lot of gas
  8. I was sleeved April 22 along with my friend we hate food everything literally makes us sick diarhea the runs puking nothing she can tolerate crab I can tolerate Popsicles I tried eggs cheese fish shrimp shakes jello pudding yogurt chicken f**k I can't tolerate ****
  9. hopester73

    Still painful

    I don't think it is ur sleeve it's probably the hernia wishing u luck
  10. Girl after ur journey go get your body renovated that's what in going to do
  11. hopester73


    I got sick of isopure
  12. hopester73

    Struggling to Eat

    I feel the same ur lucky to be getting 400 food discuss me it's more than a chore now I hate eatting
  13. Great I had mine done last week there look at me at face book carebyhope@ hotmail I made a group fat girls gone skinny and ill see video
  14. I'm having my surgery tomorrow in Mexico is anyone else going there my surgery is monday

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