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    Hi Im 31 and have the most amazing husband and children!
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  1. I was wondering the same thing I can eat 4 or 5 ozs at a time with no problem I am 4 weeks post op but I have heard alot of people tell me that everyone is different. I hope I didnt stretch my sleeve either!
  2. maryo

    Returning to work?

    Im having surgery on the 13th of May and my Dr. said I can resume work in 2 weeks and it makes me nervous because my job requires alot of heavy lifting but he says I will be fine to resume work 2 weeks after... Im so scared that it's not enough time off! I hope I'll be ok anyone else go back to a heavy lifting job 2 weeks later??
  3. maryo

    Scared, Excited & Nervous

    congrats! It's such a good feeling but scary all at the same time my date is may 13th! I cant wait to get it over and done with! The part that scares me most is learning how to eat all over again I tend to swallo to much when I eat and am affraid I will still do it after surgery!
  4. I am My name on Face Book is Mary O'Callaghan Phyles.
  5. Wow really! That's pretty awesome did you like him? I really like the staff there especially Missy she has been an angle through this whole process!
  6. maryo

    Dr. Thomas Bass in Florida

    Hi everyone I am having my surgery done by Dr.Bass as well my date is set for May 13th! im so excited and nervous! The staff at the office are amazing especially Missy! Im so glad I choose him for my Dr.! Hope everyone else is doing good! Its nice to hear that some of you have the same Dr.!!!
  7. Im May 13th!!! So excited and nervous at the same time!
  8. maryo

    May 13th!

    I'm not looking forward to the pre-op diet either
  9. My Dr. Is Dr. Bass. I also have to have a hernia repaired during surgery! Im worried about the full liquid diet because my sister had the lap-band done and she literally cried because she was so hungry! I also worry about getting the protien in lol I guess its all a big change for a lifetime. 15lbs in 6 days thats great! congrats!!!
  10. maryo

    Anyone living in South Florida?

    I live in south west Florida! I live in North Port...My name is Mary I have only been on for a few days as well. I am getting Sleeved on May 13th and would also like to meet people around the area!
  11. Yay My Dr. is Over in Fort Myers!! How did your surgery go what was the hardest part for you??
  12. Yay My Dr. is Over in Fort Myers!! How did your surgery go what was the hardest part for you??
  13. Im looking for buddies in the South west florida area I am from North Port and am having surgery on May 13th and am really nervous!
  14. maryo

    May 13th!

    Hi i'm new here my name is Mary and I'm 31 years old I am so nervous about having this surgery and ready at the same time. I have a loving supporting husband and 2 wonderful kids. I am more scared of the after surgery part. The eating 3 times a day is going to be so hard for me especially after I go back to work due to the fact I don't really get time for a break with the type of job I do. Im also worried about how long the recovery time is so I can go back to work I do alot of heavy lifting and the Dr. has not told me how long I will be out for. I go see him this week so I guess I will find out than but if anyone knows and can tell me that would be awesome!
  15. Hi my name is Mary I'm 31 and am having the sleeve done on May 13th I'm really nervous and excited at the same time! I am more nervous about the first couple of months trying to learn a whole new life style and hope its not as hard as I think! I know it will be worth it in the end but I guess being scared is normal...

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