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  1. debraeve

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess I ate to much jell beans I confess that I don't drink enough I confess I do have pumpkin spice coffee I truly don't think about food like I use to
  2. Sep 10 260 Oct 27 219 Feeling great
  3. debraeve


    OMG my nose runs also
  4. debraeve


    So weird I thought maybe it was a stop eating sign lol
  5. Is it normal when u eat and it's time to stop u get a bubbly feeling in your belly ?
  6. I am 5 weeks post op I eat chicken all the time no problem at all !!! I am down 34 pounds
  7. debraeve

    What did u lose

    Sept 10 2013----261 Oct 12---228
  8. debraeve

    My Rare Complication

    Your a miracle !!!Thank god you went for another option you must be your own dr .I hope after this you will be back to normal get better
  9. Sept 10th here also Feeling great , 261. 9/10 228. 10/11
  10. Sleeve day 261 09/10/13 today down 34 pounds
  11. debraeve

    Gained 2 pounds

    I am glad I am not alone thank you all so much
  12. debraeve

    Gained 2 pounds

    Had a hysterectomy 3 years ago ...Not eating any carbs really my food intake had been the same I did eat the cheese off of a slice of pizza can that really make me gain weight and my sugar so hi?
  13. Almost 4 weeks out and gained 2 pounds not happy also my blood sugar level today was 162 ,But since my sleeve my sugar has been under 100