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  1. TonyaMac

    Obama Care options

    I am a paramedic and in nursing school. Every facility has its own infection control issues. I brought up Mexico to him but he is not on board with it. He is under the impression that it is unsanitary and not an option. I tried to get him to look into a few surgeons there and continuing to do research. I think just like a doctor here research and seeing stats on paper are best. The issue with Mexico is that they are not required by Medicare, Joint Commission to report their infection rates. Some do it as a personal standard, Those are the guys you want to look into. The ones who do not use an outside source reporting on their infections rates and re-portable complications or events need to be bypassed. I am going to continue to work on surgeons both in the US and Mexico, but as hoping he could get insurance to cover it like mine did. He did find a surgeon in Dallas that does it for 8500 but I have not gotten the name from him to research that doc. It seems low for the US.
  2. TonyaMac

    Obama Care options

    My boyfriend wants the surgery but he keeps getting told his insurance doesn't cover it. He is self employed so has to use Obama care. Does anyone know of a certain plan that covers it? He is diabetic and high BP so he is a candidate. We live in Indiana and I have noticed it goes by state for coverage. Any help or guidance is appreciated!!
  3. Ok so I have a friend whose insurance does not cover Gastric Sleeve. I told him about mine and he has tried everything to lose weight- i'll spare you the story we all have. He is diabetic but not on any meds because he did lose 70 pounds and since has gained 20 back. He did the medical weight loss 700 calorie a day shake thing. Yeah...... Anyway- he is self employed so I believe he is on Obama care and can not get surgery- his insurance told him it is cosmetic. I told him how great everyone is here!!! Personally i don't feel he is all that big but I know how it feels to be overweight and desperate for a solution. He knows where he is headed back to and fast. Surgery is his way out. I have informed of all the changes he will have. We have had long talks about what it means to have surgery. He is 6'2" and I believe somewhere around 280-290. I am not for sure. Anyway- I see the lists of surgeons. My questions are: 1. Where does he start? 2. Success stories from Mexico? 3. How soon after surgery can he fly? We will be coming from Indy. 4. Can I stay with him? Being in the medical field I know how important it is to have a pt advocate there with you.
  4. It has been a VERY LONG time since i posted!! I had gastric sleeve on Dec 9th 2013. I have lost 115 pounds and still steadily losing. I have about 40 more to go. I did have a stall there for about 6 months but I am back at losing a little at a time. Lets see what has changed......Lets do the positive first: My lupus is basically in "remission" if you will. i have had minimal flares since surgery. I am not with out pain and run down but no where near what I was. I have completed over 10 5K races, 5 10K's and one half marathon! i am training for my first full Oct of 2016. I have been kayaking, fit in an airplane seat, and all those great little things that come with weight loss. Like being able to use a regular bathroom stall instead of the handicap stall because they are bigger! I became an EMT-A and now a paramedic and just starting working towards my RN. I would have NEVER been able to do what I do on the ambulance pre-surgery! i now live in Indiana (Indy) and LOVE it!!! The bad???? I did so well at surgery that my husband had surgery as well 6 months after me. The bad part about that? He left me for a 23 yr old (he is 43) at about his 1 yr anniversary. We were married 19 yrs and he bailed. Left me high and dry. i am now a single mom to an amazing 15 yr old daughter. But he needs an A-hole who bails on his family right?? I do have a new man. Only been dating a few months but he is really nice and I really like him. Will it go anywhere? Who knows! But if there is one thing this surgery taught me- I AM STRONG AND I WILL SURVIVE I have added some pics. 2 pre surgery. Taken July 2013 (the one with my now ex)and Dec 2013. And some very recent ones. Dec 2015 (with my daughter. She is 5'10" and I'm only 5'4") and Jan 2016
  5. I am almost 7 months out. Highest was 294. Current weight is 211, little over 80 pounds gone! The first 2 are from my 20th class reunion and I was about 280. The third one was Feb of last year. The 10k was in April and I was about 60 pounds gone I think. After2 is at 65 pounds gone, and the black dress was a few weeks ago at 80 gone.
  6. University of Missouri - where I had my surgery done- called me today to ask if they could interview me!! They want to do a spotlight on the bariatric section of MU Hospital and my surgeon told them to call me because I am a success story!! Me!!! A success story!! And I'm not even at my goal weight! So I'm going to do an interview on June 12th, then they are going to take some footage of me running etc. The Bariatric center wants to do a new commercial and they are going to use some of the footage in the commercial! I'm so excited!! It is just so surreal that I am success story!! I just never thought I would be here. I know I have putting in the work but to be considered a success is an amazing feeling!! When it is final I will post a link here if I can
  7. So Sorry I have not been back to post!! Highest weight: 294 Surgery date: 12-09-13 Curent weight: 222 Down 72 pounds!! I have completed 2 5K's, a 10K, and training for my first half marathon on Sept 28th!!
  8. TonyaMac

    I RAN

    I recently started running. Yes "avid" runners would call it jogging, but it is running to me! I can do a 14 min mile on average and can now run 3 miles straight before I have to walk- but I'm out there doing it! Who cares how long it takes- you did more than most on any given day! I did my first 10K a few weeks ago. I was dead last- BUT 4 girls behind me quit during it. So I might have been last but I finished and I didn't quit!! Good for you! Keep it up!
  9. TonyaMac

    5 Months out!

    Sorry I just got to reply. Was away with my daughter on a Civil Air Patrol mission. I just started walikg, I started small. I walked a mile, then mile and a half the following week. Eventually I was walking 3 miles. Then I started to jog-slowly. I used my music as a guide. Walk a song, jog a song, walk a song, jog a song. Then I started tryign to jog 1/2 mile straight. The next week 3/4. Add a little every week. I have a running body now who had Bypass 5 years ago. She really pushed me to go more, jog further, and encouraged me. Biggest thing I can say is just do it. I know it sounds cliche but our moto has been -"I can do anything for a 10th" which a 10th of a mile. You will feel the urge to go out and run once you start. I hated running when I started I was just going to walk but once I pushed myself out of that comfort zone and just decided I'm doing this for me and noone else I just went for it and got addicted. The couch to 5k is a great app. I use Nike runners app because it tracks my previous runs and I can walk or run. The key is- for me at least- is be your own cheerleader and push yourself outside of that comfort zone. You can do anything you set your mind to. Will you be sore- yes!!! Will you die- no!!! But the sense of pride you get from doing these small races means way more to me than how much weight I have lost. I no longer focus on pounds- they will come. I focus on miles and time. Once I took my mind off the scale I found I was less stressed about my diet and how I am doing post surgery. I focus on the miles and time and gettign those in and the diet kinda fell into place afterwards. If you eat crap or not enough protein your runs suffer and you can feel it. Now that I count miles and improving my time I keep my protein up and my diet looks good. I only weigh every 2 weeks now. I use to weigh 3-4 times a DAY!!!! It stressed me out!! Now I focus on how my pants fit, how much better my time and distance is getting and when I get on the scale it is only to make sure I'm still going in the right direction- which it will be because I'm burning a shitload of calories. I did get advice from my surgeons office and the dietician to make sure I ate properly with the increased activity.
  10. May 9th was 5 months for me. I am down 70 pounds!!! Had a few ups n downs, a few emotional moments but overall I'm doing great!! I did my first 5K in March, my second in April, and just completed my first 10K on Saturday. I wanted to complete in under 1:30 but I did in 1:33. But I didn't give up! And I wasn't last- ok next to last - but I finished!!!! I am doing my first half marathon on September 28th and looking at a triathon in october maybe. I had/have moments where I wanted to give up, moments where I want Taco Bell. I struggle with my diet daily. Getting the right combination of protein and carbs for my exercise routine. But my dietician from where I had my surgery has been so helpful and has guided me along. I still have 84 more to go but I am almost half way!!! I can do this!!
  11. I did! I started jan 2nd was sleeved dec9th. I was told I can do whatever I feel like I can. If hurts don't do it. I have to watch it because I dehydrated easy and tired easy. But I am getting at 30 mins on the elliptical at least 4-5 days a weeks and some days I can add in the bike. I am slowly getting stronger
  12. TonyaMac


    I did not weigh for a few days and waited till my one month follow up today. I broke through and I am down 3 pounds. Doc feels it might have been because of then dehydration my body was retaining water. Could have also been my sodium level. Who knows. It is just something that happens and doc is happy with my progress and I will be too. It is not going to happen as fast as I think it should or want it to but it will happen. I know I am eating clean and doing what I am suppose to
  13. TonyaMac


    Monday will be 4 weeks post surgery. My boss who did bypass 10 years ago and has kept it off tod me women tend to stall more than men. But it is normal to stall. I just have to keep my head up and keep going. And might still be some recovering from being back in the hospital. I had this stupid fear going into this that I wouldn't work and I wouldn't lose so I am letting this freak me out. I need to stop stressing or as my boss says jump ff the crazy train! Lol!
  14. TonyaMac


    I don't what's going on. I have not lost a pound in 5 days. I'm tracking all my fod and it is all clean, and within guidelines. I'm actually taking in less ounces than I should because I just run out of room. I'm back to get my liquids in after dehydration episode. I tried to email my dietician but she no longer works for surgeon anymore she went back to school. I just want to knowing this is normal. I was steadily losing weight but seem to have come to a standstill. I don't have a monthly cycle so I don't know if it is water retention or what.

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