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    Cheer Mama got a reaction from judysbabies in Look what I can do!   
    YES!!!! Love it and congrats!
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    Cheer Mama got a reaction from newmeIowa in Eating FOOD at last - but not very much!   
    I'm a teacher also. I was sleeved on June 7th. I cannot imagine going back to school after only 2 weeks. That would have been soooooo hard. I'm exhausted after walking very slowly for 30 minutes. I cannot imagine doing inclusion and running around like that. Have a wonderful summer.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to happyhippo in Seven days out and my eyes are open   
    i got it an I am not quite 50 yet...lol
    I am 3 mos out. I spent my post op time off work watching the food channel. I did ok. But my husband is very supportive and he tried to not eat in front of me if he thought I would really like what he was eating. I however, dont have small children. So I now have a rule that if I feel I absolutely cannot pass up something. 3 bites. 3 bites...(i don't mean a mouthful) I mean 3 bites. but i am not finding a lot of things I cant pass up. For me this tool is my way to keep the weight off. I am determined to do this. And, the NUT training before hand did help so much. It is a life changing process. We will lose some battles. BUT WE WILL WIN THE WAR.....
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    Cheer Mama reacted to Neuanfang in Seven days out and my eyes are open   
    Hello there,
    I got it but then again I am 50 , lol, I am 3 weeks out and I know exactly what you are saying. My family still wants to eat and they do miss my cooking. Both my hubby and my son have actually lost weight since my surgery because I am not spoiling them with those extra yummy things that made me fat in the first place. You are right, we can do this, we do have that inner determination and strength acquired by years of experience. Why on earth would anybody go through all of this just to cheat themselves in the end. Good luck to you,
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    Cheer Mama reacted to JoiaRox in 4th day out   
    So sorry to hear about the hernia repair! But, yes, another nap is what I need too. Yay for sleeve sisters! I'm lucky not to have to crush any of the pills I was given (anti-nausea and pain) and only had to spend one night in the hospital. Happily recovering at home now!
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    Cheer Mama reacted to CoreyCan in Post - Op - Day 8   
    I'm also 8 days out and have been trying different things too. Protein shakes have been hard to choke down so I started trying some soft foods (before my NUT's time) just to get my protein in and I've tolerated almost everything (except chicken as well). I have yet to have a full feeling, not sure I can actually feel my stomach. I don't do anything SF because it has the sugar alcohol in it and it does cause me stomach pains. I quick smoking, gave up my "occasional" glass of wine (or two), and can't eat...yes I'm really pleasant these days...hardly.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to Looking Ahead in Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?   
    I can totally relate...I've been on a slow stall for over a month. I may only go poo maybe 3 times a week. But when I do, I feel like I'm giving birth...literally screaming and hanging on to the sink for dear life in pain begging for an epidural. I know I don't get enough water....I figure that is most of my problem... It gets worse when I eat almonds.
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    Cheer Mama reacted to kyllfalcon in Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?   
    Hilarious!!! As a formerly very-regular poo-er, I have to join in the commiseration regarding the Poo Monster. At one year out, I am regular again, I go every day, sometimes several times each day, but usually it's the jagged little marble things. But, like you, every now and then some smelly serpentine thing comes along. WTH??